A Little Bit of ’70s Home Decor that Goes a Long Way

70s home decor, wallpaper

In the past few months, we’ve reported quite frequently that the ’70s are back in a big way. While we’ve given you plenty of tips to master personal ’70s inspired looks, we’ve yet to give you some fab ’70s inspired ideas for the home. Well, that time has come, readers.

Homes in the 1970s were intense. There was just a lot going on color scheme-wise. Also: that shag… and those beads. Now, I’m a lover of shag carpets and adorning my walls with bright, swirling colors. But I don’t like any one room to be too busy. And I think that’s the basic rule anyone who loves the ’70s has to remember when stylin’ their place: A little goes a long way.

So, let’s start with the lighting. Add a little bit of sparkle to your living room, bedroom, or backyard by investing in some funky lighting. One product to consider is BlissLights. These lights come in a few different colors and are low voltage. Here’s a bit about how they work, according to the company: “BlissLights are patented, simple-to-use in/outdoor lighting projectors that create an explosion of thousands of pin points of light which move in unique far-reaching trajectories. Each projector incorporates laser and optical elements to create a breathtaking lighting effect much like thousands of fireflies on trees and landscape plants/hedges.”

Next up: around-the-house decor. Kitschy embroidered pictures that are framed are a must. The Etsy shop TroveLore has quite a stellar collection.

70s home decor, wall art

Another ‘70s home decor must is throw pillows. Prop them on the floor for optimal record listening, or on the couch. Anything that’s velvety or shag-y will do, but if you can get your hands on a quality, vintage ’70s pillow, do so.

70s home decor, pillow

Other wall-hangings and home accessories to consider purchasing include:

Macrame wall-hangings (check out these original designs by Sally England).

Vintage beads (from a vintage Etsy shop).

A vintage fondue pot for entertaining (another find from a vintage Etsy shop).

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