All of Our Unsexy Bodies are, in Fact, Sexy

There really are no unsexy bodies.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t think the “gross stuff” your partner does isn’t gross? Or why you love to grab your person’s gut after they’ve eaten? It’s probably because you’re evolved and realize that unsexy bodies — aka all of our bodies — are, in fact, sexy.

I can always tell how forward-thinking my significant other is if he thinks I’m attractive when I’m at my worst. For example, my fiance is still able to find the “cuteness” in me when I’m sweating out a bad fever, and have a snotty nose.

Now, it’s not like I go out of my way to look unattractive or unsexy, but most of the time, I just feel comfortable looking normal around him. I don’t have to suck in my gut for him to think I’m pretty, and that’s a pretty good sign that our relationship is solid, I think.

Over the past few years, visual artists have turned their lenses on themselves to experiment with their normal, unposed bodies. And guess what? A lot of these photos are incredibly erotic.

One such artist is Lauren Crow. Crow’s subject is considered “shocking” because she often focuses on people, such as herself, who don’t have Hollywood-ready, thin bodies.

In early 2016, Crow released a series of photos that feature her nude body in untypical nude poses. “Her nudity is neither a battle cry nor submissive, simply a state of being that we rarely see from larger people without needing an accompanying hashtag or campaign,” Dazed Digital reports. “The agency isn’t to prove anything with her work but rather simply to exist.”

Crow plans to up the ante this spring when she releases a new series of images that will examine the various types of intimate relationships the artist has in her life.

While all of us enlightened people know that every body is sexy, all of us also know that there are plenty of people who would like folks who have hairy bodies, larger bodies, out of shape bodies, etc. to cover up.

Crow’s work probably won’t make everyone swoon with joy, nor will it make body bullies change their tune, but her photos do help continue the “what is sexy isn’t always ‘sexy’” conversation.

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Image via Lauren Crow’s Tumblr

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