3 Organic Lingerie Brands That Aren’t Vanilla

3 Organic Lingerie Brands That Aren’t Vanilla

Undergarments come into contact with the most intimate parts of our bodies. Fortunately, you can now swap formaldehyde-laden fabric for organic lingerie without feeling like you raided Aunt Gertrude’s brassiere and girdle drawer.  

Believe it or not, Victoria’s Secret, one of the most coveted brands of mainstream lingerie, was under fire in 2013 for peddling chemical-laced panties to its patrons. A Greenpeace investigation into the dangers of dyes revealed the company’s dirty little manufacturing practices.

When testing undergarments from the retail chain, Greenpeace discovered that fifty percent of the items came back positive for NPEs, or nonylphenol ethoxylates, which, according to saferchemicals.org, translates into toxic phthalate that has the potential to disrupt hormones, irritate skin and eyes, cause reproductive harm, and cause significant aquatic toxicity. Like, ew!

Although it is possible to reduce the chemical saturation from your newly purchased clothing and lingerie by washing before wearing, it’s difficult to tell just how many washes are required in order to completely rid the items of NPEs and other toxins. And although the investigation convinced Victoria’s Secret to agree to phase out toxic dyes from their manufacturing by 2020, it’s better to be safe than sorry and to also be a little more open-minded about some of the traditional lingerie alternatives.

Luckily, it doesn’t matter if you’re queen of the conventional clothing scene, or if you’ve been buying sustainable skivvies for years, you’re bound to enjoy the organic lingerie brands we have in store for you!

1. On The Inside

Modern, stunning, and racy, On The Inside’s organic lingerie embodies the ideals of confidence and sex appeal by allowing its wearers to proudly brandish their inner beauty like a piece of (smoking hot) armor.

Owner, maker, designer, and curator, Elise Olson, lives up to the company’s moniker of making women feel good, inside and out. And just as important as how you look, is what comes into contact with your lady bits. This North Carolina-based, made-to-order lingerie line utilizes organic cotton, bamboo-lycra blends, and a whole lotta mesh fabric for the perfect mix of peek-a-boo sheer and save-the-planet sustainability.

3 Organic Lingerie Brands That Aren’t Vanilla

From left to right: Angel’s Trumpet Gray Bra $56 and Lily of the Valley Panties $34 from On The Inside; Rosa Gold and Copper Bra $54 and Magnolia Panties $34 from On The Inside; Camellia Ivory and Black Bra $51 and Wisteria Panties $33 from On The Inside; Jasmine Black Lace Garter Skirt with Thong $79 and Rosa Bra $54 from On The Inside

2. Madonna Bain

Rhett Butler, eat your heart out! With its supreme southern belle charm and subtle sex appeal, this romantic brand has lady-like floral prints and eyelet lace on lockdown.

Madonna Bain is all about organic luxury and allowing its discerning clientele to feel guilt-free in the process. With the use of eco-friendly textiles, this Australian-based business is committed to using GOTS certified organic cotton yarn, as well as silk and lace, with products made under fair working conditions. Known for its superior softness and luxurious feel, this handcrafted lingerie is sure to impress.

3 Organic Lingerie Brands That Aren’t Vanilla

From left to right: Cami and Knicker Set from Madonna Bain $99; In the Name of Love Slip from Madonna Bain $85; Chikan Embroidered Cotton Lingerie Set from Madonna Bain $80; Custom Tea Lace Slip from Madonna Bain $180

3. Larkspur

If boho-chic is more your bedroom style, then call off the search, because this lively and lusty lingerie from Larkspur will fulfill all of your flower-child fantasies, minus the beaded curtains and Winnebagos.

Los Angeles born and bred, this trendy undergarment business is simply asking you to consider a more colorful, environmentally friendly bra, rather than setting one on fire. And who needs fire when you look this hot?!

Larkspur was founded by Amanda Bear, and collaborated on with her former partner in crime, Felicia Gaxiola, with the goal to create rock star-worthy undies with a strong sustainable streak. The use of organic cotton, silk-blend knits, repurposed silks, stretch laces, and superior handcrafted quality have put Larkspur on the map.

3 Organic Lingerie Brands That Aren’t Vanilla

From left to right: Githa Tangerine/Fuchsia Bodysuit from Larkspur $75; Kinsey Lavender/Olive Cami and Cheeky Panty Set from Larkspur $85; Imogene Denim Indigo Bra and Tap Pants Set from Larkspur $95; Zelda Scarlet/Ivory Bandeau Bra and Thong Set from Larkspur $65

Strip down to your skivvies and hike up your knickers ladies, because it’s time to use your newfound excitement and inspiration to spread the word about the negative impact of mainstream lingerie and the benefits of buying organic. Consider banishing those old, worn out bras and welcoming something new…The girls, your guy, and your health will thank you!

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