B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery Service: Portland Says Goodbye to Delivery Trucks

Photo of a man pedaling B-Line's Sustainable Local Delivery Tricycle

B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery Service encompasses the capability to change the world we live in through its inspirational methods of transporting products and respecting the community it serves.

Take a moment to stop and think about how many delivery trucks and vans you see on a regular basis during your daily commutes. Although it may appear quite normal, everyone going about their day and performing work-related tasks, what you don’t initially recognize is just how detrimental all of these delivery vessels are to our environment. Pollution is one of the worst issues our world is currently facing. So in February 2009, one gentleman by the name of Franklin Jones decided to plan a course of attack against the smoggy beast, thus creating his brainchild, B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery Service, a sustainable local delivery service right out of Portland, Oregon.

B-Line offers simplicity at its best because if you think about it, what are the purest, most natural things? They are simple. No frills, no veils, no disguises. In this case, it’s as simple as a human and an electric-assist cargo tricycle that has the space and sufficiency to carry a whopping 600 pounds. Strip away not only the pollution aspect, but also all the hassle that can come with using conventional trucks and vans.

B-Line’s main goals are focusing on strengthening the community, speaking out on behalf of sustainability, building prosperous business relationships that complement one another for the good of the planet, and maintaining a solid, unwavering pledge to provide happy, remarkable service. This sustainable local delivery operation is a true team player. It doesn’t discriminate and will partner with businesses large and small who share the same environmental vision. A few big name companies who work with B-Line include Office Depot, Whole Foods, and Organic Valley. Something else cool to know is that the cargo trikes are not only created to transport goods, they also serve as an eye-catching tool for cross promotion! It gives other companies the opportunity to join B-Line in a campaign for a greener functioning world while simultaneously highlighting their products.

When it gets down to it, the facts are the facts and you can’t argue with that! B-Line’s sustainable local delivery service has managed to supersede almost 30,000 truck and van deliveries while reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 18 tons per year. Wow, maybe we can start to breathe easier now (pun totally intended)! B-Line has successfully delivered around 400,000 pounds of organic produce, provided more than 70,000 pounds of food for the hungry in its local area, and pedaled to more than 200 destinations in the Portland community. B-Line’s environmentally friendly accomplishments are endless and its efficacious movement is continuing to thrive every day.

B-Line’s sustainable local delivery service combines the utmost positive intention with enduring dexterity and sheet brilliance behind its concept. It allows the community to become a part of the change whether individuals are making the choice to receive their items through a more environmentally conscious method or are pedaling through town to provide an eco-friendly service to its locals. With its trikes having traveled more than 20,000 miles annually, B-Line is pedaling its way toward enabling us with a brighter, greener future.

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Image via B-Line