Beauty Trend Alert: Stripping is the New Strobing

Beauty Trend Alert: Stripping is the New Strobing

We introduced you to strobing last year. You know, contouring’s less labor intensive cousin? Well, forget all that. A new beauty trend is here and you are going to love it for summer.

The latest beauty trend is called “stripping” and it is super hot. And not nearly as sleazy at it sounds.

Since a more natural look is on trend this year, and thank golly for that, it isn’t a surprise that the number of products it takes to achieve the look is more minimal too. You’re yearning to bust out the good ol’ bronzer right about now, aren’t you?

We all want to shake off our winter pallor and sport a healthy glow this time of year. But the old ways of bronzer are behind us. Stripping, or “sun stripping”, is a way of using bronzer that makes it look like you’ve actually spent a little quality time under the sun. Who comes in from a fun day outdoors with a uniformly bronzed face? No one. Ever. That’s why all-over face bronzing got kicked to the curb in favor of this new approach.

Best of all it’s fast, easy, and requires only one product. Here’s how.

How to Perform the Stripping Beauty Trend in 4 Easy Steps

Alima Pure Bronzer

1. Choose a bronzer. Here’s the trick with stripping. You want it to look natural, so stay away from bronzers with shimmer and select one that looks good on your skin tone. Also, powder works best for stripping. Alima Pure Bronzer comes in two color choices, light bronze and medium bronze, and is super natural looking. Another option is W3LL People Bio Bronzer, a universally flattering shade that looks like a true glow.

W3LL People Bio Bronzer

2. Use the right tools. You don’t want your bronzer everywhere. A semi-sturdy brush, like the Alima Pure Flat Top Brush, is perfect for applying the bronzer. You will also want a blush brush, like Alima Pure Blush Brush, for blending.

Alima Pure Flat Top Brush

3. Apply the bronzer. After applying your foundation or tinted moisturizer as usual, apply a strip of bronzer across apples of cheeks and bridge of nose, where sun hits your face when you are outdoors. This is going to look wacky, but stay with us.

Alima Pure Blush Brush

4. Blend it out. Now, using the blush brush, blend the strip of bronzer outward slightly and buff to a natural looking glow.

That’s it, peeps. Couldn’t be easier and you will love the just-been-out-in-the-sun look it gives your skin.

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