Being Bike-Curious


Do you have romantic daydreams of transporting your farm-fresh groceries home in a wicker basket attached to your bike’s handlebars? How about laughing at the stressed-out commuters as you whiz past them on your speedy road bike? If you answered yes, you might be bike-curious.

There are plenty of excuses not to ride, but here’s some encouragement to just do it.

-Banish the thought of spandex shorts and dorky clip-shoes. Inspired by the cyclists-in-heels blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic, I ride my bike 3 miles into town in a skirt. Show “Ëœem how sexy a cyclist can be.

-Go for the gardens. Stay off the main roads and explore neighborhood side streets. You’ll enjoy the idyllic cruise under large trees and get a chance to check out front yard rose gardens.

- Start with short trips to a nearby store for your necessities.
As you gain strength and street confidence, leave the car behind for longer trips.

- Don’t be dismayed at the thought of covering mileage.
It might seem inconceivable at first to ride two, three, even seven miles, but trust me, you’ll find yourself getting stronger after just a few trips.

-It’s a 2-for-1 special – you get to run your errands and exercise. That’s well-worth the extra time it takes to get around.

- It’s incredibly empowering
to wean yourself off car dependence and use your own human power to get around.

-Be a trendsetter and showcase the biking alternative. If you complain that there are too many cars on the road to ride your bike, just remember, the more people riding their bikes, the fewer cars there will ultimately be.

Image: i yudai