20 Best iPhone Apps to Help You Save Cash


You’re already familiar with plenty of iPhone apps that help you stay green, but these days you’re concerned about saving some green, too. Here’s a handy guide to 20 essential money-saving apps – and most are free!

Photobucket Mint
This free app makes tracking your finances a cinch with user-friendly graphs and charts that help you manage your budget and examine your spending habits. Plus, it will also alert you of low balances to avoid overdraft fees. So, go ahead and cut your financial advisor loose because Mint does it all without the hefty charges.

Stanza gives you access to more than 100,000 books and periodicals for free. You also have the option to adjust the font size, color, line spacing and justification for your reading comfort. Watch out, paperbacks. Stanza may just usher you into extinction.

Similar to Stanza, this free app allows you to download audio books to keep you entertained when your eyes are needed elsewhere.

PhotobucketCheap Gas
Gas prices are constantly changing, so it’s hard to keep track of where to find the best deals. With Cheap Gas, all you have to do is enter in your zip code to find the best prices in your area. This free app is especially useful for road trips.

Using a Wi-Fi network and VOIP technologies, this free app allows you to make free local calls and cheap international calls on your iPhone to cut your phone bill by as much as 95%.

PhotobucketGift Planner
List all potential gift recipients and create a budget using this free app. It allows you to track the amount of money allotted for gifts and how much you’ve spent on each friend or family member. You can even take pictures of gift ideas for future reference.

PhotobucketFree Wi-Fi
Never again will you pay for Wi-Fi on the go. This free app helps you locate spots that offer Wi-Fi access at no charge.

Leave your calculator behind next time you hit up the grocery store. With BetterDeal, you can enter in the amount of product and the price for up to four items. This app then calculates which item gets you the most for your money.

You’ve probably seen this app on the iPhone commercials, and it’s just as nifty as it seems. For no charge, you can scan barcodes on items while shopping and find out whether another retailer offers a better deal.

Yowza locates coupons for merchants in your area that can be applied straight from your iPhone to save paper.

PhotobucketRent or Buy Calc
To rent or buy, that is the question. This free app gives you an easy answer by calculating which choice will save you more money in the long run.

If you eliminate your morning latte from the café around the corner, how much money will you save in a week, a month, a year? This app helps you determine just that for any expenses that aren’t essential.

Sure, eating out was affordable when it was just the two of you. But now that you have kids, it’s a whole other story. With this app, you can locate restaurants in your area where their meals are free.

PhotobucketSurcharge Free ATMs
You need cash, so you stop at the nearest ATM, only to be slammed with surcharges. With this free app, you can locate ATMs in your area that don’t charge any additional fees.

Do you ever feel like you’re getting ripped off when it comes to auto repairs? With RepairPal, you can look up estimates, find roadside assistance and locate auto shops in your area complete with ratings and reviews.

PhotobucketYoga Stretch
Stop shelling out cash for yoga classes and trade them in for this inexpensive app. Yoga Stretch walks you through different poses and lets you choose background music to simulate the entire experience from home.

PhotobucketLocal Reuse
One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, but there’s no need to go dumpster diving with this free app. Local Reuse helps you locate items you need that others in your area are looking to discard.

PhotobucketInsurance Shopper
With this free app, you can compare insurance rates and choose the best deal.

PhotobucketWoot Watch
Woot Watch alerts you of the deal of the day on a variety of items from digital cameras to coffee makers.

PhotobucketBargain Bin
This free app helps you save money on, well, all the apps you’re interested in. It allows you to browse through discounted apps and alerts you of price cuts on apps you’re tracking.

Now, with your newfound savings, you can afford to splurge on some eco fashion! 😉

Image: hickoryhollow113