Beyond Earth Day: 3 Easy Tech and Transport Ideas for Maximum Impact All Year


We loved this post over at Planet Green about getting the most mileage out of your gadgets. Aside from the obvious (biking to work instead of driving), they’ve got some great tips about extending the life of your fridge, computer, phone, and other electronics, saving you money and the earth a few landfills’ worth of heavy metals and conflict minerals. We think it’s a great way to opt out of disposable culture. Let us know your thoughts.

Here, in what may seem like the gazillionth post about how to celebrate Earth Day, are a few ideas for changes you can make in the technology and transport parts of your life that will make a real difference in your carbon footprint. You’ve heard some or all of them before, no doubt, but sometimes we need little reminders.

Whether it’s commuting to work, running errands, visiting friends-the more you substitute biking for driving, the more emissions (and money!) you’ll save. You can use e-meters to measure your carbon savings and Google Maps now has features to help cyclists out.

Learn more ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save cash at Planet Green.

Editor’s note: Article by Rachel Cernansky. Originally published by our friends at Planet Green. Planet Green is an offshoot of Discovery that covers every aspect of green living, from tofu to tattoos. Be sure to visit them and say hi, and follow Planet Green on Twitter, too!


Main Image: markoh!