Bikini Wax Breakdown: Which Option Is Right For You?

Bikini Wax Breakdown: Which Option Is Right For You?

Which bikini wax option is best for you? Here’s the 411.

Okay, so technically getting a bikini wax is all about cleaning up your nether regions before hitting the beach—but like your fashion choices, the style of bikini wax you choose shouldn’t be based on what guys like or what’s trending, but your own individual preferences. There’s no right or wrong way to groom, just your way (case in point: Vajazzling).

Below, 5 grooming options to look into before your bikini wax sesh:

1. Bikini

If you’re just starting to ease into the world of waxing or are only looking for a little freshening up, the classic bikini wax is your best (and least painful) option. It simply removes the hair around your panty line, so you’ll end up with a triangle shape.

2. Bikini Extended

Bikini extended removes slightly more hair than just the bikini line: Choosing this option means removing hair from the sides of the bikini area, as well as a thin line of hair from the labia.

3. Brazilian

Out of all bikini wax options, the Brazilian is definitely the most… meticulous. All hair is removed from the bikini area, inside the labia and between the butt cheeks. Yep, you’ll be as bald as a newborn. While I’m sure it feels so fresh and so clean clean, it’s gotta be pretty drafty down there, no?

4. Landing Strip

Similar to a Brazilian, this option removes all hair except for one vertical line. It can be as thick or as thin as you want, and is perfect for narrow bikini bottoms and barely-there lingerie. Some women also enjoy shaping their landing strip into things like hearts and arrows (because… well, you know).

5. Full-Bush Brazilian

Called the “pubic mullet” by Refinery29 (lololol), the Full-Bush Brazilian is a cross between the bikini and the Brazilian. It involves removing the hair from the labia and butt crack, while leaving the top bush in tact.

Once you’ve chosen your bikini wax du jour, there are also wax options to look into:

  • Honey Wax/Sugaring is best for sensitive skin because it’s all natural and can be used cold (sayonara third-degree burns!). Bonus: It doesn’t stick to your skin, just the hair, so it helps water down the pain quota.
  • Strip Wax is soft wax that’s applied using cloth strips. It’s quick, but the polar opposite of painless, and is best for larger areas like your legs and arms.
  • Hard Wax is smeared on and removed without a cloth strip, since when the wax cools it hardens around the hair. If your pubic hair is coarse and thick, this option is your best bet.

Come on, spill: What’s your bikini wax of choice?

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