Why I Love the Brazilian Bikini Wax


Let me be honest here: I’m a very hairy girl. I’m Middle Eastern and that’s just the way we come. I’ve got an abundance of hair in the all the usual places, and an occasional smattering in places you wouldn’t expect. My tweezers are always by my side.

Bikini waxes have always been a necessity – let’s just say my bikini area comes with its own sideburns – and when a friend first told me about Brazilian bikini waxes, I couldn’t quite fathom it. “You mean they wax away all the hair there?” I was incredulous, to put it mildly. She nodded solemnly.

My first time I was nervous – I was worried about the pain. This is, after all, delicate territory. But my waxer, Katie, (she calls herself a "Vagina Dezina") reassured me she’d done this hundreds of times before. I wanted to be extra clean before we started and slipped away to the bathroom with some baby wipes.

My Dezina then slipped on her gloves and began to inspect my overgrown thicket. I thought it would be an impossible task, but she smiled and told me we’d start at the back and work our way forward. Dutifully I spread my cheeks and she began to relieve me of my hair. Now, ladies, don’t be squeamish – this is a professional at work here, and surprisingly, your rump’s skin is not a very sensitive area. If my furry butt can handle it, then your peachfuzz should be no problem.

The real challenge begins with the labia. These are tender parts  and she had to hold them delicately and wax away very tiny strips at a time. It wasn’t biscuits and tea, but it was hardly unbearable. Every so often she’d hand me a mirror and we’d consult. Thanks to Katie’s disarming attitude, despite the awkward positioning, we were both relaxed. It was certainly a lot more comfortable than a trip to the gyno.

Because it was my first Brazilian and because I’ve got more hair than the average woman, I decided to forego full frontal removal. The hair on your pubic bone can be the most painful to wax, and truthfully I’d had enough. I left a petite, natural-looking patch of hair but was totally bare behind.

When I was done, Katie told me to stand up and look in the mirror. I spread my cheeks, twisted back, and squealed.“I look like a porn star!” I laughed. This was the first time in decades that I was hairless. I loved it. Brazen sexiness was my new vibe and I bared it well in a thong. In the shower at home, I could feel the water rushing over skin that was normally insulated by thick mats of hair. Even the friction of walking around became erotic. I had no idea all the sensation I had been missing out on because of my hereditarily thick swatch of hair. Now I was truly naked and felt like a sensual goddess! I’ve been a fan of Brazilians ever since.

Image: powderruns

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