Greening (or Greenwashing?) the Most Dangerous Plastic of All


Discover is on a mission to help green that ubiquitous sliver of plastic we all have taking up real estate in our pockets: our credit cards. Discover’s grand gesture of ecological friendliness? They’re introducing biodegradable credit cards. I certainly hope the company doesn’t think that’s the best they can do. The most dangerous thing about having credit cards is not the fact that they are leaching BPA’s into your pocket.

I suppose the biodegradability makes the cards technically eco-friendly, but what about all the “stuff” you buy with it? What do you think, everyone: is this green or greenwash?

For those who are curious, the cards won’t biodegrade in your wallet. They’re made to break down in the compost or landfill over the course of many years. Just make sure you remember to slice those cards up well when discarding, or we may see a new rash of compost pile identity thieves!

Green is the platinum, after all.