Can Hormones Cause Weight Gain? The Bulging Reality…About Your Bulging Belly

Perimenopause Weight Gain: Balancing Hormones to Lose Weight

Dealing with a few stubborn pounds? Hey, you are not alone. Weight gain (especially around the middle) is associated with hormonal changes and can be tough to get rid of. The good news: you may be able to shed it by balancing your hormones.

The dreaded muffin top. We all deal with it at one time or another. Summer just happens to be the season is is most *ahem* on display.

If you’ve been trying new diets, fasting, cleansing, and colonic-ing in attempt to rid yourself of that last 5 pounds (okay, 15), with no success it may be time to take a different approach. Since imbalanced hormones can cause additional weight, could balanced hormones be the solution?

We’ve talked about Dr. Sara Gottfried here before. She is an OB/GYN who also believes in holistic care. As in, a real doc with prevention and mind/body solutions on the brain. How refreshing, huh? Bet you didn’t get any of that at your last annual. Anyway, Dr. Gottfried talks about balancing our hormones for, among other feel better results, weight control.

While Dr. Gottfried believes supplements are sometimes called for in dealing with hormonal upset, much of the hormone balancing act can be done with diet and healthy lifestyle choices. Check out these dos or don’ts to help regulate your hormones and shed those unwanted LBs.

DO: Eat seeds and leafy greens. These provide magnesium which boosts adiponectin levels and helps up your body’s fat burning ability.

DO: Get enough rest. Being burned out means ghrelin levels are likely low. When we are low in this hormone it triggers our sugar cravings. Too much sugar means extra weight and less restful sleep. And the cycle continues.

DO: Meditate. You know that out of control cortisol we were just talking about? Stress can ramp it up too. Get mindful and manage your zen with some regular meditation.

DO: Use toxin free cosmetics. Junky ingredients used to make conventional cosmetics can cause hormone disruption. Steer clear and choose products made by brands committed to safety.

DON’T: Go crazy with caffeine. I know, this one probably hurts the most. But over caffeinating yourself results in less rest (see above) and ups your cortisol levels. Too much cortisol causes extra pounds around the middle and increased abdominal fat. And too much abdominal fat actually causes cortisol to increase. Vicious cycle to the max. Cutting back on caffeine can help to keep cortisol balanced.

DON’T: Overdo the fruit. Yes, fruit is healthy. But did you know that more than the recommended five daily servings is too much fructose? The body converts the extra sugar into fat and … well, you know the rest.

DON’T: Eat too much meat. You may think of upset estrogen as affecting your period and energy levels. Guess what? Imbalanced estrogen can also cause weight gain and digestive issues. Ugh! Meat does not contain the fiber we need to expel excess estrogen from our system. So, stock up on fiber rich foods.

Dr. Gottfried’s book “The Hormone Reset Diet” lays out her plan on balancing your hormones for weight loss. Try the tips above to get started.

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