Chelsea Handler Will do Drugs, Mingle With Racists on Her Netflix Series

Chelsea Handler's new show is coming to Netflix.

Chelsea Handler is best known for her boozy, tell-it-like-it-is, #freethenipple comedy. It looks like Handler’s new show will mostly stay true to her original form —  this time around, Handler’s trading her booze for drugs. So, samesies, basically.

According to Vulture, Handler’s new Netflix show will be a docu-comedy series. You may remember that Handler previously had a show on E! that she wasn’t the biggest fan of. Vulture reports that at the Wednesday Forbes Women’s Summit, Handler said that she “could have gotten paid $10 million a year for the next five years” but she was dissatisfied.

“I thought, ‘this show isn’t as smart as me. I want to do a show that’s smarter than me,’” reports Vulture.

Handler’s hoping her new docu-comedy will be that smart show. “It’ll be like a younger, hipper, cooler 60 minutes… I want to immerse myself in things I know nothing about,” she told The Wrap.

So far, it looks like her show will, at the very least, be entertaining.

Handler’s new Netflix series will allow the comedian to focus on experiencing and reporting four specific experiences:

– “Chelsea Does Racism:” According to Vulture, Handler just returned from filming in Alabama. In this segment, Handler “told the story of a man who thought that the biggest misconception about the South was that slavery wasn’t all bad.” Charming.

– “Chelsea Does Silicon Valley:” Not a lot of information about this segment, except that Handler has already visited Twitter offices topless. Sounds about right.

– “Chelsea Does Marriage:” In this segment, Handler explores the topic of marriage now that’s she’s 40 and not married.

– “Chelsea Does Ayahuasca:” This is the segment that’s getting all the press. Ayahuasca is a psychoactive drink made from a South American vine and herbs. In this piece, Handler will visit Peru “and drink the traditional hallucinogenic brew with a shaman while on medical supervision,” reports Vulture. Anyone waiting to see Handler high will be sorely disappointed because she won’t be on camera during the ceremony. In addition to drinking ayahuasca, Handler also will try and report the effects of her brain on things like Xanax and psilocybin mushrooms.

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