Circle of Trusty Style: Green Your Napkin Rings


Leave those disposable paper napkins in the grocery aisle and get busy adding style to the reusable pile!

Now that we are all invested in organic, reusable cloth (wash in cold, hang dry, of course), spruce up your table and thrill your guests with fun green napkin rings. Calories burned removing them? At least two. More if you juggle a set at the table for your guests.

Where to find ’em? Here are a few highly tactile circles we trust:

Ring around the Rosy! Hand forged iron floral ring, Rain Collection. $38 each.


Stainless Steel appeal, $19 for two  from Velocity.


Ivory organic crochet rings with amber glass bead fasteners, $10 set from Makalewakan.



Tanned Pierced leather rings with red wine ribbons, from Etsy’s Greenbelt, $20 for set.

tanned pierced rings

Spotted Shell Rings, fairly traded from Indonesia, $16.50 from Green with Glamour.


I red the news today, oh boy! Love these recycled newspaper rings, $8 at Ecoist.


Fuzzy Friends encircle your napkins, $15 from Fuz Farm in eco felt or black rubber.


Main Image: Amazon

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.