cmarchuska Diane Dress Giveaway


At EcoSalon, we love versatile clothing as much as our giveaways (and eco-designers!). The Diane dress, by designer cmarchuska, is one of those multi-tasking talents.

Is it a tunic? Is it a dress? One thing we do know is that it’s beautiful.

Draped softly at the neck and shaped just enough to skim your sides, the Diane looks lovely worn alone or with accoutrements.

Hailing from a Wall Street background, designer Christine Marchuska knows what looks good on a woman during and after office hours. Most of her designs move you smoothly from nine to five to a late night cocktail soiree.

In other words, when you arrive at work wearing the Diane with a blazer, wide belt and a pencil skirt and heels, you can simply peel away the layers to the essential before heading off to happy hour.

Based on comments from the last giveaway, you creative ladies know how to get the most from your wardrobe. For those of you in warmer climates, we cold-weather girls are heartened by your ideas and will live vicariously through you when you say, “Accoutrements? I’ll wear this one as is.”

How would you wear it? Leave a comment below and you are one registered woman. Good luck!

Editor’s note: photo credit goes to Erik Dong. Hair by Peter Lam.

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.