Cooking Up a New Way to Be Green


You may be a slave to the stove but you can also be a steward of the planet with new earth-friendly cookware developed by Ecolution.

Day in, day out, we use the stove – and of course, our cookware – to heat our meals and cook our snacks. But a revolutionary company called Ecolution has put green where we are not used to seeing it: in pots, pans and skillets. It has developed a Hydrolon non-stick surface which is made using a water-based process unlike traditional Teflon, which, according to Ecolution, uses harsh solvents to create a non-stick surface. The company claims the Ecolution surface is therefore safer for healthy, earth-friendly cooking and eating.

In fact, Ecolution has put an environmental mindfulness into what is often a routine chore. Let’s face it, we’ve all watched and waited for a pot to boil while letting our mind wander aimlessly, but Ecolution’s emphasis on the environment reminds us to consider that the earth is inhabited by an extended family of cooks, all sharing this great round green (and blue) earth.

The cookware, ranging from saucepans to griddles, are available at retailers like Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond and suggested retail prices range from $31.99 for a 14-inch fry pan to an 8-piece green-colored (and green-minded) cookware set for $69.99. As part of its mission to promote eco-friendly cooking, the company has suggested some interesting ways to reuse or recycle your old pots, such as using them for camping, for your kids’ play kitchen or as planters. The Ecolution website provides a zip code-based search to find local charities where you can donate your old cookware or a place where the old pots can be recycled.

So vegans, meat-eaters and macrobiotics unite and cook green!

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Image: ginnerobot