Cool Globes: All-City Eco Art Makes a Powerful Pro-Planet Statement


The bike path leading to the Golden Gate Bridge has been transformed into a sculpture museum of sorts with 40 brilliantly painted art globes lined like tiki torches along the sandy road at Chrissy Field.

Passers-by are mesmerized by the images and messages within, which direct us to act on behalf of the planet to preserve what we have. My favorite featured polar bears and warnings to “Keep frozen” with regard to its disappearing habitat.

The exhibit, Cool Globes, will remain in San Francisco for a couple of months before heading to San Diego and London. The round-up of these green globes was the brainchild of Chicago marketing professional Wendy Abrams, who says she wants to inspire people by talking about this topic in an upbeat, rather than negative manner.
The globes premiered in Chicago in 2007, where they also got an enthusiastic response.

Cool Globes seem to go with the flow in this spectacular setting of beach, vigorous outdoorsy people and wildlife.  Each globe is sponsored by a company or individuals and is mounted on a large block of cement with plaques that contain statements about the theme and name of the artist.

It really is worth looking at, even it means halting the run or walk for a minute to take it all in. I forced myself to do exactly that, but still would like to return soon with my children to examine each one and appreciate both the process and result.

Pictured clockwise from top left:

Please Fly Wisely, Lee Tracy (yes, “our” very own Lee)
Warm Up: Wear a Sweater, Lindsay Obermeyer
Tall Grass: a Solution for Global Warming, Nina Weiss
First We Scream, Then We Act, Nancy L. Steinmeyer

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.