Deck the Halls with Macrame?

The chill of December has us all longing for something woven and cozy to lounge in. This home is full of everything woven, comfortable, warm, and relaxed.

My imagination runs wild with the ambiance of this space. I imagine the fire is always crackling, something savory is always stewing in the kitchen, and somewhere there must be a shaggy dog loafing around (but I can also appreciate the ironic notion of this home being embellished by a hairless cat).

This is the home of Dutch designer Ineke Visser and it’s sprinkled with her needle work. Her crocheted creations take the form of blankets, pillows, stools, and accessories. The soft white and wood palette serves as the canvas to let her crocheted pieces gleam and shine. The texture of yarns systematically woven together is rivaled only by the bark envelope of the coffee table and stools.

Get out your knitting needles! In case you need more inspiration, not too long ago we shared some knits and knots that are also worth coveting this winter.

(Images by Morten Holtum.)