DIY: 5 Ways to Reinvent the Vintage Brooch

Not your grandmother’s vintage.

Brooches are not just for grandmothers or dressy occasions, they’re vintage accessories well worth a dust off. If you haven’t been lucky enough to inherit any, fear not: you can find these glittering little darlings at flea markets and garage sales for a song. As long as they don’t have diamonds, rubies or other precious stones, they go for 25 cents to $5 each.

You might be wondering, now that I’ve got this glorified pin what on earth do I do with it?

Here are five modern ways to reinvent the vintage brooch.

1. Present Topper: Stay classy and make a statement — especially at a wedding. Your friends can reuse them, too.

Photo courtesy of Katy Brown.

2. Brooch Magnet: Just remove the pin with pliers and add a magnet with some Gorilla Super Glue. The bright flower brooches are available in abundance at flea markets and thrift stores. Photo courtesy of Country Living.

3. Ribbons ‘n’ Brooches Necklace: This antique brooch necklace is constructed with jump rings and ribbon. Stunning with a dress or t-shirt and jeans. You can find the directions from Martha Stewart.

4. Hair Ornament: Why not wear one in your hair? Pin a brooch as an elastic for a pop of color. No one else will be wearing the same one, that’s for sure.

5. Napkin Holder: Surprise your guests by adding a bit of sparkle to your table decor. Simply tie the napkin with rustic twine and pin on the brooch.


Pin them on baskets, beanies or invitations, too. The possibilities are endless for the seasoned brooch.