DIY Decorative Mirrors and Glass


Know how to make your own milk paint? Well, you can refresh more than just your walls with this non-toxic blend. Instead of investing in that pricey new mirror you’ve been lusting after or those silk curtains you’ve been craving, be a little more creative and save some money with this fun and inexpensive green project.

Pull out that contact paper leftover from lining your drawers and put it to use.

Measure the mirror or window you plan to decorate and cut the contact paper accordingly.

Now, take a look around your home. What types of motifs dominate your décor theme? Flowers, birds, geometric shapes? Access the artist within and draw your favorite designs and patterns with a marker on the contact paper. If you’re like me and can barely sketch a stick figure, trace the outlines of images from coffee table books or old magazines.

Using an Exacto blade, cut out these images and mount the contact paper firmly onto the surface of your mirror or window.

Mix up several shades of milk paint to match the color scheme of the room.

Using the contact paper as a stencil, paint away. You can even use a small foam roller for a smooth look. When you’re finished, slowly peel away the contact paper and voila! Your windows and mirrors are now unique artistic elements of your living space.

If you redecorate or simply tire of these patterns, just carefully scrape away the paint, wipe down the surface with a mixture of white vinegar and water and start fresh.

Image: craftzine