Easy Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer


Now that’s vintage!

I grew up learning how to take good care of my belongings. The principle of "pride of ownership" was instilled in me from a young age and I can proudly (but maybe not so loudly) say that I still have clothes from my college days in mint condition. Styles may come and go but many basics can last through changing times – that is, if you are keen to the tricks of extending your wardrobe’s shelf life. If the great socialite C. Z. Guest could make a pair of Calvins last a lifetime, so can we.

Here are 5 easy tips to make your clothes last longer.

-Skip the wash. We’ve grown accustomed to throwing clothes in the hamper after being worn once. Not only will washing less frequently keep your clothes better intact, but it will also cut down on your laundry expenses (and the water/energy wasted doing those loads). See Sara’s and Larkyn’s posts for more.

-Wear t-shirts under sweaters. If you’re going to sweat, better to stink up simple cotton tees that are easy to wash and easier to replace if they eventually “die” of underarm perspiration stains.

-Treat stains immediately. We’re all human, so instead of aiming for perfection, learn how to remove these blemishes quickly and naturally as Mike taught us in Clean the 5 Most Common Stains, Naturally.

-Attend to loose seams, hanging threads, falling buttons, and small tears. It only takes a few minutes to mend these minor flaws and your clothes will be just like new again. For nicer pieces – like a cashmere winter coat or pricey wool boucle suit – have a tailor give them an "annual checkup" for shaping, cleaning, and mending.

-Clean, fold, and iron your clothes before you put them away for the season. Store them in plastic containers with a few cedar blocks to protect them from moisture and insects. This will also cut back on closet clutter, which Tina talks about in 5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Closet Clutter Free. (Gosh, we’re full of tips! What do you do to extend the life of your clothes?)

Image: lemoncat1