Embrace the Mysterious Oxblood Makeup Trend

The oxblood makeup trend is sexy.The Oxblood makeup trend has taken over the fashion world and is now consuming the makeup universe. Make sure you’re ready to make a bloody but sexy statement and stock up on the five products below, all inspired by the sultry oxblood makeup trend.

The oxblood makeup trend is affordable.

1. Matte lipstick, affordable

Let’s start with the low-priced lipstick option that everyone can find at their local drugstore. NYX’s Crazed Matte Lipstick is a great choice if you’re not sure you want to invest major cash on a dark shade. This lipstick is easy to apply and stays put for several hours—an important quality for any dark lipstick. Make sure it stays put by exfoliating lips and adding a primer before applying. Priced at $6.

The oxblood makeup trend looks great on lips.2. Matte lipstick, pricey

Next up is an option I love and it’s relatively new. Urban Decay is known for its fun and funky colors but in the past, I’ve simply hated its lipstick line. It just wouldn’t stay put! Well, this past year, the brand released a wonderful line of Mega Matte lipstick that stays put for a long time. We love the color above because it exudes attitude—and trendiness. Before applying this lipstick, use the brand’s Ozone as a base coat. This product also can remove lipstick that travels outside the lipstick line without leaving a nasty stain. Priced at $17.

The oxblood makeup trend makes for great liquid lipsticks.

3. Liquid lipstick

If you prefer liquid lipstick rather than tube lipstick, try the above shade from OCC. Its rich color rivals the two above, but could provide you more application control if you prefer a wand over a stick. Also: look at those glorious sparkles. If you like wearing minimal eye makeup and making a statement with your lip look, this is the oxblood product for you. Priced at $16.

The oxblood makeup trend is taking over eye shadow.

4. Rich eye shadow

Let’s move to the eyes. And yes, you can wear oxblood on your eyes without looking crazed or tired. Just look at the gorgeous, mysterious shimmer this eye shadow features. It’ll go on similar to a black hue but its shimmer and rich blood tone will give your eye a softer appearance. From Tarte, priced at $14.

The oxblood makeup trend can be worn on eyelids.

5. Shimmer eyeliner

And if you’re more of an eyeliner gal, give this product a try. Its formula will effortlessly glide over your eyelid and give you an incredibly dramatic look. Pair with one of the oxblood lipsticks featured above for a nighttime look or with a gloss for daytime. Priced at $20.

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