Fall’s Top 10 (Sustainable) Fashion Trends


Fall’s top fashion trends are running us ragged trying to keep up. Are we going demure and aviator-ready or punking out with neons and crazy bare midriffs?

One thing is for sure, we’ve got a lot to choose from, which is good if your life is multi-faceted or you’re one of those women who entertains her every fashion whim.

One thing I won’t be surprising you with is that scarves are still really in and so is what color? You guessed it, purple.

If you trust me, I’m going to ask you to settle in. Where we’re going, most women have never gone, for this fall fashion foray is going to be made sane through sustainability. Some might say that’s a paradox, but sister, the times are a-changin’.

1. The Caped Crusader

Let’s just get this elephant addressed. If you wear it right, you can escape the label of Red Cross nurse or Little Red Riding Hood. If you’re wearing this trend, you are very fashion forward, a risk-taker and a woman willing to laugh adversity in the face.


I love Ryann

2. Neon

Tough to tell what we should do with this one, after all, it’s hard to get it to look authentic when it’s really been done. but I like Feral Childe’s spin on things. A word of wisdom: jelly bracelets, jelly shoes or neon wayfarers in addition to a larger piece of neon (like the shirt below) takes one from trend into (gulp) teenager.


Feral Childe’s Pleated Tunic

3. Pretty In Plaid

Working men wear it, lumberjacks wear it, why aren’t you wearing it? It’s true, plaid is permeating the fashion pathways, no going around it. I actually think this is a fun trend if tailored or worn with a slim bottom. Plaid has a lot going on so think sparingly about what you pair it with. Or, play it safe and just buy a scarf or something from the thrift shop.


Vicarious by Nature

4. Alpha Female

Are you a biker babe or Amelia Earhart wanna-be? You’ll have to ask yourself this in earnest because the alpha female is in and tough. The twist?
She’s also sophisticated. Flat front trousers, polished biker and tuxedo jackets, crisp white shirts and cocktail rings with attitude. Take that.


Cropped Leather jacket from Allison Parris

5. One Sleeve

Is it on or off? This garment will keep them guessing but it’s fun and you’ll see it in t-shirt form as much as in nighttime’s hottest cocktail duds.
Wear it alone or with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath to create a color block and get more wear. Like most of fall’s seemingly extreme trends, all you need is one strong piece, so be careful about going overboard.


Prairie Underground’s Olympia Dress

6. Statement Accessories

When all else fails, head to your  favorite eco or online boutique and invest in a few fall pieces like a great ring, statement necklace or clutch purse. Everything this fall seems to be about statements but not everyone is ready to partake. Accessories are our doorway to getting comfortable with stepping out of the box. Here are some of my more recent fall favorites.

muichic 399_JacquieMay08_email009

alex ashley watson clutch 2

Muichic, Jacquie Aiche, Alex and Ani, Ashley Watson

7. Shirred Shapely

Shirring (I’ve mentioned this before on EcoSalon) is actually a woman’s best friend. Hiding and disguising potential flaws in undergarments or bodily changes (we hope are temporary), the fabric can be moved around to do what you want. How’s that for a friendly trend?


8. Cagney, Lacey and the Gilded Age

If I wrote sitcoms this title would be the next big hit, I know it. Imagine it: Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly wrestling with yards of Victorian lace in a warehouse fabric cover up”¦maybe you’re not ready for this.

Okay, looking lady-like and affluent in Hermes scarves is one way of achieving this look but you can also dive a little deeper into the eco-pool and surface in rich silks and brocades, ruffles and high necks. You can also just buy something versatile and pretty in lace like this top.
You are Victorian, hear yourself roar.


John Patrick Organic Pullover Blouse

9. Ankle Boots, buckle boots, over the knee oh my!

Oh, in a perfect world we’d just live in boots. I love when the cooler months come and I can slip my favorite Frye Engineer boots on. Not eco, but I bought them 6 years ago and wear them like they’re never going out of style. There’s something to be said for the longevity of a piece being green to some degree.

These two new pairs of boots have wooed me, though, and I will battle my boot demons to keep myself in check this season.

olsen haus bootie buckle boot

10. Slouchy Sweaters

What would fall be without a go-to sweater? This fall, silhouettes are voluminous and cozy, almost coat-like. Actually, they’re too big to fit a coat over,  so best to layer under.

Pair it with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots for city and country street cred.


Park Vogel Batwing Sweater

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.