Faux Fro or Twist Out? Choose Wisely

Faux Fro or Twist Out? Choose Wisely

Curly haired girls rejoice! Now is your time to shine. A big, full head of curls is totally in. Not so texturally blessed? Straight haired gals can get in on this look too. But first, the difference between a faux fro and a twist out.

Haven’t you always wanted to sport an Afro? To those of us with straight or mildly wavy hair, this look may have seemed an impossible dream. Well get ready to go big, because the faux fro is currently on trend and here to help those with limp, straight or otherwise uninspired locks.

Here’s the deal though. The ‘fro may not be new, but is news as a possibility for women with straight hair. An article in the August issue of Allure magazine features actress Marissa Neitling with a faux fro created by celebrity hair stylist, Chris McMillan. The look is cool, modern and … controversial?

After the issue ran, a backlash soon broke out over cultural appropriation. Many readers felt offended over the idea of teaching white women how to create this traditionally black hairstyle.

While there are many natural versions of this hairstyle roaming around out there on people of all races (looking at you, Seth Rogen), the same goes for straightened hair and many other style. So  maybe the style needs a different name when worn on white women. The coil? The twist? The big bounce? One reader on Twitter claims the look is actually called a “twist out” when done this way. Kinda love it!

We certainly are not intent on offending anyone, and admire and accept women and hairstyles of all kinds. Whether you are natural or do some styling to get your locks straight, curly or somewhere in between, do your thing.

How to Rock a Twist Out (aka, Faux Fro)

Heat Styling: If you want to get the look in less than a few hours time, go for the heat method. This method works best on wavy hair. Blow dry with a diffuser attachment until hair is completely dry. Now use a tiny barreled curling iron on tiny sections of hair. Didn’t say the process was fast, but quicker than the air dry method.

No Heat Styling: If you have the day off or are spending the night in, this is the method for you. Remember rag curls? Same idea only you’ll be using smaller sections of hair. Rip an old, soft Tshirt into skinny strips and roll from roots to scalp. The tinier the sections, the better your curls will look. Let air dry completely and remove the cloth strips.

Now gently loosen curls with your fingers and *voila* you are ready to go. For either method use an ample amount of sturdy mousse or styling product before drying or rolling. Try Rahua Hair Wax for long hair, Yarok Feed Your Curls Defining Crème for wavy hair, or Yarok Feed Your Roots Volume Enhancing Mousse.

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