Hair Styles that Flatter 6 Different Face Shapes


Before you can learn what hair style is optimal for you, first you must determine which category your face shape falls under – oval, round, square, oblong, heart or diamond.

It’s easy to want to cling to the latest fashion and beauty trends, but not so fast. Often, when we take on a new look that is a hit with celebrities and other fashionistas, we forget that what works for others may not necessarily work for us.

Everyone’s body is different, from the head down to the toes. Don’t let a dress, pair of stilettos or a frock wear you  – you wear it. The same goes for your hair. Instead of cutting and shaping your tresses to imitate the next person, why not adapt to your (and only your) face structure? That way, you’ll look your surefire best, 100 percent of the time. Learn what kind of face shape you have and how your haircut can complement it best.

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1. Oval

In terms of complementing hair styles, the oval face shape is the most versatile one out there! You have an oval face shape if your face is longer than it is wide and your jaw line is slightly rounded, wider at the top than the bottom. With an oval face shape, you can get away with any kind of short cut, from a pixie to a bob to a chin-length do. You can also go long, but avoid going too long.

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2. Square


If you have a square-face shape, you need to work on softening the angular structure of your face. Complementing hair styles include a side-swept bang, loose natural waves, a slightly-angled long bob, graduated long layers, choppy bangs and/or a center part to conceal the upper corners of your face.

3. Round

A round face is marked by a wide jaw and a structure that is nearly as wide as it is long, with a rounded jaw line. The best hairstyles include any that hide the roundness, rather than accentuate it. This involves giving the illusion of length. Long hair with graduated layers, gentle waves and long side-swept bangs is the best hair style.

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4. Oblong

An oblong face shape is one in which the face is longer than it is wide, with the forehead, cheeks and jawline all the same width. The best cut will make the face appear more oval. Avoid any haircut that ends at your chin. Instead, keep hair long. Bangs help to shorten a long-face shape.


5. Heart

A heart-shaped face looks like an inverted triangle that is longer than it is wide. The jawline is long, pointed and narrow and the forehead is prominent. Chin-length bobs highlight your cheekbones, but try to avoid bobs that go above chin level. Incorporate wispy bangs swept to the side to directs attention away from the forehead and to the eyes. Long, wavy hair is also a great complement. The key is to avoid emphasizing the forehead or narrowness of the chin.


6. Diamond

A diamond face shape is longer than it is wide with a pointed jawline, but not as pointed as you would witness in a heart-shaped face. A diamond-shaped face is highly angular, somewhat bony, widest at the temples and not as common as the other face shapes. Get a longer-than-the-chin haircut to slim down the face and avoid any shorter, fuller hair styles that emphasize the wideness of your face. Keep the weight of the hair at the ends (neck or lower). A pixie cut, when done well, can actually highlight your cheekbones and give you a unique look, but anything in between a pixie and a longer style can have the opposite effect. Avoid short bangs.

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