Finding Personal Style: It’s Not About Being Weird It’s About Being You

Personal style is fun to build up.

I love a good article about curating unique, rad personal style. But this recent piece on “dressing weird” to stand out didn’t deliver.

Don’t get me wrong — it was well written and edited — but the headline and the content didn’t match because the writer of the piece goes on about dressing weird, but I saw nothing weird in the article. I just saw an attractive woman who was wearing un-flattering (her word), over-sized pieces of clothing. That’s not weird, that’s this chick’s personal style! And that’s totally fine, but really — she should cool it with the weird classification because she’s essentially saying that personal style means being weird. And while there may be some people who think your personal style is weird, it probably isn’t “inherently” weird unless you’re gluing action figures all over your person.

I mean, my personal style (I’d say I’m one part cartoon character, two parts Halloween fiend, and another part astrological) may be considered weird to some, but to me, it’s who I am. I love mixing patterns, and pairing a frilly outfit with clunky black boots, and I’ve been doing it for years. Do people think I’m weird for this? Maybe some do, but I’ve got to say that more often than not, I get compliments about my statement pieces and that makes me happy, because I’ve been curating my monster-filled closet for years.

And it’s those years of curating that lead us all to our very own personal style. Through those years, we learn the following:

1. What we feel good in: I firmly think that no one looks bad in anything unless that “thing” doesn’t fit.

2. What we think is fun: I bought my vampire fang dress because it’s fun. It’s probably not fashionable, but it makes me smile.

3. What we know we will really regret it we don’t buy before it’s gone: I learned this lesson about vintage finds a long while ago. If you love it, get it before it’s gone.

How do you classify personal style? Do you think that some of your clothes are weird, or do you just think that you rock at putting together an outfit?

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