France and Lane Bryant are Shaking Up the Modeling Industry

The modeling industry is slowly changing.

We start this piece by stating that we know that not every person who is  thin has anorexia. But we do know that in general, the modeling industry is incredibly hard on women of all body types, and we applaud France for monitoring its models’ health.

France is banning “ultra-thin” models. This ban includes models who are underweight (this is determined by a model’s Body Mass Index or BMI.)

We’ve got to admit it’s awesome that a country is taking such a firm stance on models’ health. Anorexia is incredibly detrimental to a person’s body and often times it’s deadly. And, duh: Most people who buy clothes are not super-fit, or incredibly thin. People come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s about time that a country does all it can do to promote the fact that not everyone is incredibly thin.

Earlier this week we also caught wind that Lane Bryant launched a campaign called #ImNoAngel. The campaign features models who are considered plus sized posing “naturally” in lingerie. (Basically, they look like most women who wear underwear, stand and aren’t bent over a table waiting to be rammed by some invisible penis.) The goal of the company’s campaign is to redefine sexy in the modeling industry.

Linda Heasley, Lane Bryant’s CEO, said she hopes #ImNoAngel shows that all women are beautiful. And while the campaign’s tagline is a semi-slam against Victoria’s Secret’s Angels, Heasley clarifies that it’s not meant to be insulting:

“We really admire Victoria’s Secret and what they’ve done; they’re an amazing brand. But arguably, their notion of what’s beautiful and sexy is a little narrow, and we want to say that beautiful and sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, as these models prove. It’s all about these amazing women, and making a statement.” – Refinery29

What do you think about the #ImNoAngel campaign? Do you think the U.S. should have a ban that’s similar to France’s “ultra-thin” model ban?

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Image: Yuliya Libkina

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