Freitag: Creating Sustainable & Upcycled Bags that R.I.P.

freitag bag

Freitag’s functional and fashionable bags are completely made from recycled materials.

Bags that R.I.P.? That’s what Swiss bag manufacturer Freitag calls their sustainably designed and recycled accessories – Recycled Individual Products. Made from used truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes and car seatbelts, Freitag bags are entirely upcycled and manufactured in a vertically integrated, local Zurich factory, giving new, purposeful life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. The result is a collection of functional, water repellent and durable bags and accessories that answered the needs of founders and brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag.


Since 1993, the Freitag brothers have been offering up their creative solution to reducing waste by creating colorful and functional collections of unisex bags ideal for people on the go. As the world leader in truck tarp recycling, Freitag takes on 68-mile long tarps and turn them into 40 different bag designs in the form of messenger bags, totes, backpacks, travel bags, wallets and more. All items are prepared, washed, cut and sewn in their suburban Zurich factory, where everything that the production requires, such as water, is recycled.

cutting tarp

The jobs that Freitag factory employees hold are unique and respectable, as can be evidenced from the interviews and stories published on the company’s website. Each employee is proud of doing their part to reduce waste and help create products that are durable, functional and completely sustainable. Each bag and its components are cared for to the same degree as if they were made from the finest leather, cleaned to remove all debris and dirt, and cut to precision to assemble the designs of the Freitag brothers.

freitag hilten bag

While the bags and accessories in Freitag’s Fundamentals collection are functional and minimalistic (and great for guys!) we especially love their Reference collection of handbags, shoppers and totes. The Hilten Bag, pictured above, is super chic and trendy and perfect for as a weekend bag or carry-on luggage with its durable handles and handy zippered compartments. Who would have ever thought that the original life of this stylish bag was intended for transporting hardware and goods on European highways?


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Images: Freitag