Frock LA: Fashion That’s Sleek, Sensual and Sustainable


Frock Los Angeles’ sustainable dresses and gowns blend vintage fashion and modern edge for an alluring and sexy take on the feminine figure. 

Awards season is on, with many eyes on those red carpet ensembles. In honor of stars that are supporting eco fashion designers, we’d like to present a fashion label whose delectably lavish and luxurious gowns and dresses are eco-friendly, Fair Trade and manufactured right here in the USA. Meet Frock Los Angeles, a women’s fashion design house offering the perfect blend of 1930’s elegance and modern edginess in dresses that have caught the eye of several celebrities and fashionistas.


Frock Los Angeles Spring/Summer 2013

Frock Los Angeles was founded in 2009 by designer Victoria Tik, who was on a mission to fill a void for sophisticated, smart, fuss-free dresses that were both beautiful and made sustainably. After a fruitless search, Tik decided to design her own versatile, stylish and comfortable dress that would take her from the office to after hour cocktails. She launched the label with co-founder Ian Maxion, and the designs proved to be a hit, opening up a market of chic and sustainable dresses for the modern woman that don’t require the same degree of maintenance as a couture gown, and can easily be dressed up or down. Like Tik says, “What’s terrific about our sustainable jerseys is that they’re so natural and so tolerable. We can create gowns that women don’t have to dry clean, that they can easily pack in a suitcase.”


Frock Los Angeles Spring/Summer 2013

Removing the focus from trends, Frock Los Angeles creates each collection of dresses to be timeless, minimalist and adaptable to several types of occasions. The sensual designs embrace the female form, emphasizing silhouettes through the use of figure flattering and hugging cuts, and simple colors like solid black, white and pale pink. Tik says she is inspired by the women in her life, naming each dress or gown after an empowering and significant lady.


The Leighton Dress, named after Frock Los Angeles advocate Leighton Meester, is an alluring and modern take on the graceful gowns of the 1930s.

All Frock Los Angeles garments are made out of luxury jersey blend materials incorporating certified organic cotton, bamboo and soy fibers colored with the most vivid vegetable dyes. No synthetic liners are ever used, and each piece is designed to be low-maintenance, and as such, both machine and hand washable. These stylish frocks are easy to wear, omitting zippers and buttons and calculating all designs “to fit and shape around the body as efficiently and simply as possible.” Priced between $100 and $300, these dresses are fantastic eco-fashion options that will make a statement without breaking the bank.

vanessa curry 1

Vanessa Curry (former Pussycat Doll, wearing the Vivien Mermaid Backless Train Gown), is the brand’s ambassador and guest designer.

The label is committed to social responsibility, ensuring that everything from the design, to the sourcing of fabrics and manufacturing are as sustainable as possible. Their design and cutting techniques are low waste; the fabrics are domestically sourced and vegetable-dyed, and production occurs through LA-based factories that pay fair wages. The label’s mission of providing modern women with “the ability to believe comfort can be beautiful and responsible,” is well under way.


Kathryn McCormick modeling the Mel Jersey Wrap.

Kathryn McCormick, star of the latest Step Up movie, is another avid supporter of the label, having fanned Frock Los Angeles at several red carpets events with effortless elegance and style. As Tik affirms, “I’ve worked with Kathryn now multiple times and she’s a dancer, so she really understands the importance of comfortable fabrics that move. It means a lot that she supports my designs.” McCormick marries the ease and clean lines of Tik’s designs well with their purpose, which is “to highlight a woman’s best features.”

twilight breaking dawn 14 131112

Kathryn McCormick wears the Angie Dress to the“Black Carpet” premiere of Twilight Breaking Dawn 2  in Los Angeles.

To get a piece of Frock Los Angeles, check out their online shop or use their store locator to find designer boutiques and retailers carrying the label. Connect with Frock Los Angeles on Facebook to stay updated on new pieces, collections and special offers, and keep your eyes open for these sexy and sustainable styles on the red carpet!

Images: Frock Los Angeles