Genetically (Com)Modified Animals


I’m a vegetarian, but I’m no PETA member. I respect everyone’s right to eat meat, but I do hope that people support farms that treat animals humanely, and have some gratitude for the animal that transferred its life to theirs. 

In light of that, I think it’s really sad that genetically modified animals are closer to hitting the supermarkets. The FDA has publically released its safety rules and guidelines for producers of GM animals. They won’t require labeling of genetically modified meat – you won’t know if your steak was engineered using mouse genes. Thankfully, GM meat is not on the market…yet.

What I find really disgusting is how GM further turns animals into mere commodities to be bought, sold, and manipulated for our appetites. How about some respect and gratitude for those beings who have given their lives for our nourishment?

(Or perhaps we’d prefer meat grown in a vat…)

Image: JellS