George Zimmerman And 8 Other Men Unworthy Of Marriage

george zimmerman

Women with the bad luck of being involved with men like George Zimmerman should just get a free pass on divorce, and a medal for even trying to make the marriage work.

Regardless of how you feel about George Zimmerman and his interpretation of the Second Amendment, some people are surprised to hear that he’s not husband of the year. Recently, Shellie Zimmerman, George’s wife of seven years, filed for divorce saying he was “selfish” and “verbally abusive.”  As if the recent self-defense/murder controversy weren’t bad enough, he was recently arrested detained for allegedly smashing up an iPad, and threatening both Shellie and her father with a gun.

Since the beginning, before the Trayvon Martin murder, throughout the trial, through death threats from the public, Shellie has lived with with a nervous and possibly crazy George Zimmerman who has probably never been nice to her. All the way to being threatened herself, Shellie Zimmerman stood by her man. Seems adequate, right? Divorce granted. Pin a big, platinum medal on her chest inscribed with “woman of the year” and let her move on without questioning any other reasons for divorce.

And while we’re at it, you know who else should get a free pass-divorce and/or medal? Huma Abedin – wife of Anthony Weiner, perpetual sexter of genitals and just an all around embarrassing husband; the wives of professional athletes who cheat regularly; Tina Turner if she were still married to Ike; Maria Shriver because, well, Arnold;  and anyone who decides to marry Chris Brown; Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, and possibly Jude Law.

Not that the women have to divorce men like George Zimmerman, but we would totally understood if they did. In fact, we would probably celebrate because sometimes, it’s just best to take your losses and quit while you’re ahead…or alive. So, instead of questioning them, let’s give the women who stick by bad husbands a free pass divorce, a shiny platinum button, and a seat at the head table of the Good Riddance to Bad Husbands Club. That means you too, Shellie Zimmerman.

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