Get Away with Wearing Your Pajamas All Day, and Look Chic, Too!

Get Away with Wearing Your Pajamas All Day, and Look Chic, Too!

If you’ve ever dreamt about wearing your pajamas in real life, then the fashion world has just made your fantasy a reality with the latest sleepwear-as-daywear trend, and I’m here to help you pull it off.

I don’t know about you, but rolling out of bed already clad in my day wear sounds pretty frickin’ amazing. And no, I’m not talking about your scraggly old Smashing Pumpkins rag, ahem, t-shirt from the late 90s. I’m talking about grown up pajamas, gosh darn it, not the ones you only wear for special occasions, like eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s while binge watching a full season of Orange is the New Black.

And while the former definitely have a time and a place (I heart sweatpants), the lustrous, thick, silky kind is the sleepwear you can pull off whether you’re in or out of bed. Dressier jammies will not only blend seamlessly with your office and evening attire, like trousers, skirts, dressy jeans, clutches, and heels, but they’re also trending really hard right now for fall. Spotted at some of the most coveted runway shows, the pajamas-as-daywear look is changing the way we get dressed in the morning. Below, you’ll find tips and how-tos on ways to pull of this trend without looking like you overslept.

Pajama Tops

Get Away with Wearing Your Pajamas All Day, and Look Chic, Too!

When sporting just a pj top, I am really liking the idea of something long sleeve in a sheen-free material with contrasting piping. Giving off a cool menswear vibe, a sleep shirt like the Only Hearts organic cotton top pictured above could easily be worn with a pair of boyfriend jeans and loafers, or even with a pair of track pants and sneakers. For evening, choose a silky version, perhaps with a sexy waist accentuating sash, and pair it with skinny jeans, booties, long earrings, and a sparkly clutch.

Pajama Bottoms

Get Away with Wearing Your Pajamas All Day, and Look Chic, Too!

This is another concept that’s also really wearable. If you plan to venture out in pajama bottoms with a regular top, then I would first suggest avoiding super gathered waistbands like this Hanna Anderson tapered bottom, so they’re not a dead giveaway. Next, I would propose that you find a pair of pants that would work well with a tucked in, or fitted, top, like a long sleeve knit for fall, paired with a nice trench or other tailored coat. Then, grab your favorite hat, handbag, and heels, to complete your look that’s perfect for work or play. And, if you’re going somewhere a little more casual, a slouchy sweater and sneakers would also work well for day.

Pajama Sets

Get Away with Wearing Your Pajamas All Day, and Look Chic, Too!

We can try and go all Rihanna here, but let’s face it, we’re just not, and she just is. So while I applaud the enthusiasm, it’s important we remain realistic when it comes to wearing pajamas in public, especially to places where staring, laughing, and pointing can become a real problem (I see you, fuzzy bedroom slippers). You can certainly choose a silky, matching set and go “all out” in your high heel wearing, pajama-clad glory, but I think it’s nice to separate the two for a more subtle appearance. However, if you must give the head-to-toe sleepwear thing a try, then a least opt for a super chic version like the navy set from Only Hearts – and make sure your heels are fluff-free.

Slip Dresses

Get Away with Wearing Your Pajamas All Day, and Look Chic, Too!

This hot little number is better left for painting the town, than pushing papers, but that’s okay. We all need something that makes us feel awesome for those times when we want to go out, so why not try on the slip dress for size. Here’s where the whole pj wearing thing comes into play – this piece can be an actual slip, like the gorgeous little ditty pictured above from eco-friendly and ethical brand, Luva Huva. Pair an undergarment like that with your favorite booties, long coat, and accessories for a look that’s perfect for fall. Just remember to avoid see through materials, anything that’s skin tight (like SPANX), and slips that are super short, for a believable and wearable take on this trend.

Jacket Robes

Get Away with Wearing Your Pajamas All Day, and Look Chic, Too!

When it comes to wearing your robe out in public, skip the fluffy spa or hotel terry cloth kind, and opt for something that utilizes satin or brocade fabrics. Kimono shapes are perfect, as are longer duster types, so long as there is structure, kind of like this one here. The vintage floral pick from Honey Moon Muse shown pictured above is the perfect mix of Bohemia and fall. This would look lovely over a long sleeve top, or even a midi length sweater dress and booties. Have fun with this concept, but try and conceal or do away with the tiny sash loops – belting the robe is good, using the matching waist tie is bad.

Now that you have the run down on wearing pajamas as daywear, there are just a couple more things to cover. One, remember to skip the bedhead look – you want sleek, or “done” hair for this trend, even if it’s a simple slicked back bun. Two, if you’re a makeup wearing kinda gal, then I would recommend applying something really chic, like a black cat eye and colored lips with a bit of blush on the cheeks. Looking polished is key when you want to wear jammies and be taken seriously.

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