5 Effortless Ways to Get This Look


The pallid and soft tones of this living room are an alluring invitation. The furnishings are pragmatic and the details are whimsical. The composition of artwork and frames is the perfect anchor for the three dimensional piece of Mother Nature (yes, it’s a real branch and yes, it’s gorgeous).

This is the warm and relaxed living room of Eldrid. She has explored her imagination and found this wildly creative use for bringing nature inside – her intention was to create the ambiance of sitting magically under a tree. It is magical.

Here are five (almost) effortless ways to realize a similar look inside your walls.

1. Scour your nearest form of Mother Nature for a fallen branch. Look for one that is structurally interesting with lines that make you stare, ponder, and drool. Mount and/or hang your new confection of sticks on the wall.

2. Score this Reclaimed Tin Picture Frame (in white). The secret – don’t fill it. Let the pallid grey of your walls shine through.

3. Use two of these Bakery Bins as a base for an inspired coffee table. Top these gorgeous wooden crates with glass, a simple window pain, or a reclaimed slab of wood.

4. Rest a few of these Red Tick Decorative Pillows (in greige) on your couch for hint of texture that you can sink into.

5. Rest a Vintage Antler on your coffee table next to a gathering of Soy Candles – the organic lines of the horn will gleam under flickering flames.

The patina of vintage and repurposed pieces adds a lot of charisma to this living room – to really perfect the look, peruse some antique stores and flea markets to make it your own.

If you love the look of grey, but you crave a little color – click here to adore a gorgeous room grounded in grey and brimming with mustard and camel (complete with three ways to get the look).