Recess Redux


You’re a kid again. Now, imagine sitting at your cramped classroom desk, your brain already stuffed full of letters and numbers, and the sunlight and fresh breeze beckoning you from outside. All you can think about is recess, and rightfully so! Although any kid can explain the importance of recess, studies now show that school kids with daily recess breaks show better classroom behavior than kids who go without.

The scientific explanation for this is that the brain needs a break. I’d like to add that humans evolved in the outdoors and we have an innate need for natural light, fresh air and physical activity. So I say, give the kids a break! And give “Ëœem more, when possible. The educational system ought to include more outdoor activities like plant identification walks and organic gardening. This way kids can get both their brains and bodies stimulated, and gain environmental awareness to boot.

Image: Mike Baird