Good News! Hangover Makeup is Actually a Trend

Good news! Hangover Makeup is a Trend

Ok. This is usually a look women attempt to avoid, but the hungover look is in. Find out how to save yourself the headache and tie one on with hangover makeup.

Red eyes, dark circles, greasy skin. None of these are typically considered appealing as a look. But trends are often unpredictable and this latest beauty fad shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

We’ve seen bizarre beauty trends before. How about if you could party it up on a Thursday night and still look like you are pulling off the latest look, absolutely no effort involved? Yep, hangover makeup is a thing. Don’t believe it? Take a peek at the makeup looks that appeared on some NYFW runways for proof.

The good news is, this look can be done without the headache or morning after shame. Simply not going the extra yard to cover up flaws or powder your skin is a good start. If you want to go full on hungover, here are tips and products to get you there.

Hangover Makeup How To

For eyes, put down the concealer and pick up the shadow. Brown and pinkish shadows layered around eyes creates that “barely got three hours sleep” look. Powder shadows applied with a brush work best here. Try Alima Pure Satin Matte Eye Shadow in Mahogany and Bramble.

For a more intense hungover eye, think beyond the conventional. We are talking been-up-all-night-bawling eyes. Smudge a reddish pink lip gloss, like Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Romance, on upper and lower lids to achieve the look. If you really want to go there.

No natural dark circles? While this is usually a good thing, for this look you will need to create some. And what says all-nighter like raccoon eyes? Apply a coat of mascara to bottom lashes only and, before the mascara dries, swipe a layer of mauve shadow under lower lash line and blend slightly. A cream shadow, like RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Imagine, does the trick.

For slept-in skin, apply foundation but skip the concealer and powder. Cheeks get a touch of mauve or pink blush on tops of cheekbones (mauve shadow would also work perfectly here). Apply a wash of matte color to lips with Ilia Lip Crayon in Dress You Up.

Of course, the hangover look doesn’t mean you have to reek like you stayed up all night. Clean off your body and swipe those pits with all natural body wash and deodorant from Nurture My Body. Small-batch and handmade organic body care products are understated enough that they won’t overpower with harsh fragrances and artificial scents, but effective enough that it won’t spoil your I-woke-up-like-this look.

There you have it. A routine to make you look hungover. Think you’ll give it a try?

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