Low Maintenance Beauty: A Trend We Don’t Hate

Low Maintenance Beauty: A Trend We Don’t Hate

How would you feel about ditching your blow dryer and skipping some salon visits? Thought so. Get ready to simplify your routine. Low maintenance beauty is the latest trend. And it’s one any woman can love.

Long, uber-sleek locks. Makeup contouring. Detailed manicures. All end up looking great but, let’s face it, take more than a little time to pull off. Now envision wash and go hair, natural nails, fresh faced makeup, and (possibly best of all) less waxing. Sound like your beauty ideal?

Don’t look now but low maintenance beauty happens to be on trend. One look at the seemingly makeup free faces and windblown locks of Stella McCartney’s spring line and you know carefree is a thing. Take a deep breath and get ready to downsize your beauty routine.

With the dawn of the LOB, those long silky waves have taken a backseat to more easy going hair. Worn just above the collarbone, the long bob is worn straight, wavy or curly. Add a dab of Rahua Finishing Treatment to protect and hydrate, and work your natural texture.

We’ve talked no-makeup makeup here before. A simple, clean look perfect for the new laid back beauty trend. Even more carefree? Think skincare over makeup. Fresh, healthy skin is where it’s at. Find what works for your skin type and use products free from harmful ingredients. Oh, and taking your makeup off before bed? Yep, it’s as important to clear skin as Mom told you.

Now about less waxing thing. The full bush Brazilian is the latest in bikini waxing. No, not a total ‘70s style bush, but a sort of mullet reversal, pube style. Think business in the back, party in the front. Waxers are also taking it easy on brows for a fuller Cara Delevingne look, or Brooke Shields if you are more of an ‘80s gal. Either way, yay to less waxing!

Even nails are getting a more natural makeover. Funky designs, bling, and French mani step aside. Nails are going nude. Natural hued polish is hot, as are unpolished nails buffed to perfection. All done on a shortish nail. Perfect for the look is Kure Bazaar Nail lacquer Corso 22*.

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