4 Bizarre Beauty Trends You May Not Totally Hate

4 Bizarre Beauty Trends You May Not Totally Hate

Who says beauty trends have to be safe? If you like your beauty with a side of wild, you are in for a treat this season.

Once the season changes we feel like changing too. Worn out clothes and shoes have to go. Dark polish and blow outs are put away until next fall. Now for some new items.

You could try some neon brights, a fresh lip color or a new pair of Birks. Looking for a bit more adventure? If you don’t want to play it quite so safe, try one of the more bizarre beauty trends of the year.

4 Bizarre Beauty Trends for Summer 2015

1. Nose Rings // Vogue featured a story on them in this spring’s April issue. Of course, Rihanna and Zoe Kravitz can pull this look off effortlessly. But are you up for getting your septum pierced in the name of summer beauty trends? No worries. Clip on nose rings(aka septum cuffs) are available and pretty darn good looking too. This one from Free People is the bomb. Remember, the idea is to add a bit of edginess to a dressed up look. A nose ring with anything less than uber polished hair, makeup, nails, and clothes is heading back toward grunge.

2. Eyebrow Extensions // Yes, incredibly thick eyebrows are on trend. Yes, we all want them. And yes, growing out eyebrows is a tough thing to do. Brows, like the hair on your head, varies in thickness person to person. What’s a thin-browed gal to do? Well, you could fill them in with a little help from brow color and shaping. Or go big and get yourself some eyebrow extensions. As with hair extensions, hair (mostly human) is adhered to existing brows in desired color and shape. They can be washed, brushed…whatever you do to your own brows. Extensions typically last 2-3 weeks, then you’ll need to go back for a fill. Ranging in price from $40 to $250 this is a somewhat costly trend. But nice, thick brows may just be worth it.

3. Colored Brows // And while we are talking brows, what color would you like? Nope. Not brown, black or taupe. Think brighter. On the Badgley Mischka runway at NYFW last fall, models were sporting green, pink, and blue brows. To experiment with this, here is what I would do. Dab a teensy amount of Haut Cosmetics Bio-Cocoa Balm onto brows and dust on a layer of the Haut mineral pigments in an ultra sonic hue, like Lapis or Tourmaline. This trend probably looks best on those with thick brows. Or once you’ve had your eyebrow extensions put in. Kind of weird, maybe. But a lot prettier than dyed pit hair, no?

4. Smudged Mascara // Ok, this goes against every natural instinct we have regarding mascara. The whole idea is to find one that won’t leave you with raccoon eyes, right? It looks like smudged mascara is making an appearance, former beauty editor turned memoir penner , Cat Marnell, surely inspiring this one into existence. The way to get this look is very easy. Just get messy. Applying a thick, very smudgy, line of black pencil to upper and lower lids helps. Then, when applying mascara, be sure to let the brush hit your skin a few times. Smear slightly with fingertip if you feel like it. Really, there are no rules here.

So what do you think? Ready to take on any of these bizarre beauty trends for summer? Colored brows, maybe. Septum cuff, for sure!

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