19 Ways to Rock the Hair Jewelry Trend By Making Your Own

Rock the hair jewelry trend.

Show off your tresses with these DIY hair jewelry projects!

One of the emerging spring and summer 2015 fashion trends is hair jewelry. Hair jewelry is nothing more than hair accessories, but hair jewelry emphasizes the form a little more over the function of hair accessories. And hair jewelry isn’t just the purview of the wedding world either.

Learn how to make your own hair jewelry to rock this trend this season with these fashion forward DIY hair jewelry projects and tutorials.

19 Hair Jewelry Projects

  1. Gold DIY Twig Pins – Make elegant golden twig pins to decorate your locks with this project how-to.
  2. Vintage Inspired Bobby Pins – If you are into a more retro look, make these pretty vintage inspired bobby pins.
  3. DIY Knit Hair Bow – Knit up this cute hair bow to show off your topknot. You will need to translate the how-to first though.
  4. Vintage Brooch Hair Pin – Use vintage brooches to make pretty hair pins to show off your tresses.
  5. DIY Boho Hair Chain – And for something a little more boho, try making your own hair chains.
  6. DIY Bejeweled Hair Combs – Add chunky jeweled pieces to hair combs for a chunky look.
  7. Paper Hair Flowers – Make paper blossoms for your next updo.
  8. DIY Hair Necklace – Here is a pretty draped chain hair necklace you can DIY up.
  9. DIY Hair Cuffs – A ponytail doesn’t have to be boring with these hair cuffs.
  10. DIY Triangle Hairpins – Use lightweight craft wood to make these pretty hairpins.
  11. Gemstone Bobby Pins – Another project idea for adding jewels to your locks.
  12. Boho Chain Headband –  Love this boho inspired chain hair jewelry project.
  13. Crystal Chain – This is a pretty project for a bride or bridesmaid.
  14. Plate and Chain Hair Necklace – Make this pretty plate headpiece for a trendy look.
  15. DIY Feather Grip – This one is a throwback to the 1980s.
  16. Beaded Felt and Ribbon Headband – This project is for a sweet beaded headband that would show off your chignon perfectly.
  17. Nail Polish Painted Bobby Pins – Add some panache to your simple bobby pins.
  18. DIY Spike Hair Comb – Show off your inner rock with this rock-n-roll spiked hair comb project.
  19. Glitter Star Headband – Perfect for your next party or night out on the town.

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