7 Hair Rules All Dudes Should Follow (You Know, No Pressure)

7 Hair Rules All Dudes Should Follow (You Know, No Pressure)

Hair rules to follow that will leave you looking all fine and stuff. (Promise!)

That perfect haircut of yours won’t last very long unless you take care of your tresses—but don’t worry, a little TLC goes a long way in keeping your hair (and scalp!) happy and healthy. Best of all, these hair rules won’t take up a ton of time; you’ll be able to seamlessly add them to your current morning routine.

Below, 7 hair rules that will keep your strands so fresh and so clean, clean:

1. Pat your hair dry
Not going to lie: That whole aggressive towel-dry move guys do? Hot. However, hair is weaker when wet, so going overboard with your technique will inevitably cause breakage. To avoid damage, pat dry instead.

2. Nix over-washing
If you’re only going to follow one of these hair rules, make it this one: Figure out what your ideal shampooing frequency is and stick to it. For example, if your hair tends to be dry or coarse, washing it on the regular will make it even drier, so you’ll want to limit washing your hair to once or twice a week.

3. Let it dry naturally
Let your hair dry naturally or use the cool setting on your blow dryer. Using the hottest setting may blast your hair into submission, but it will also leave it frizzy and damaged.

4. Be picky about your products
Use the best products for your hair type, not just whatever’s lying around the bathroom. After all, a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Being picky doesn’t mean you’ll end up using as many products as we do (pffft!)—there are plenty of brands that offer hybrid products for guys who like to keep it simple (such as Joe Grooming).

5. Invest in a good brush
If you want styling versatility, make sure you’ve got a good quality brush on hand. Invest in a brush that has natural, rubber or wood bristles for added oomph.

6. Master your stylist appointments
Nobody likes crowded salons where your stylist is clearly distracted. To make sure you score the exact cut you’re looking for, ask for an appointment during a time when salons tend to be less busy, such as early morning or just before closing.

7. Keep it simple
You don’t need a bajillion products to keep your hair looking studly: Just invest in a solid shampoo, conditioner, and a water-based pomade for styling. It will help keep your hair moisturized and controlled without looking too “Mad Men.” (You know, unless you’re into that sort of thing.)

What hair rules do you follow?

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