Great! Reality Television is Ruining Nakedness Now Too

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I’m all for being free and getting naked (my office is my home, so my “official” work outfit is no pants + T-shirt). But now, it appears that reality television is going to exploit and creep all over humans in their natural state.

That’s right, folks. There are at least two reality television shows that require contestants get naked. One is called “Dating Naked,” the other: “Sex Box.”

“Dating Naked” follows people who are dating while naked! I’m guessing that a lot of the show’s viewers hope to catch a glimpse of a nipple, or a penis, and guess what — those viewers were rewarded on July 31.

Jessie Nizewitz and a dude she was dating were wrestling naked on a beach. For a brief moment, Nizewitz’s crotch was revealed. She is now suing VH1 for $10 million.

“Sex Box” is pretty much what you think it is, too. A couple gets inside a soundproof box and has sex. After the couple has sex, they come out of the box and discuss the sex with a “group of therapists and sex experts” while a studio audience gawks. So. Hot. (Not.)

WE, the lucky network that will air “Sex Box,” is proud of the show. Marc Juriz, the network’s president, was quoted in a Washington Post blog, saying that “Sex Box” will be “one of the most unique and compelling show concepts we’ve ever seen.” We’re sure it will.

These two reality television shows are by no means unique additions to the creepy, reality television world. Another network, FYI, recently launched “Married at First Sight,” which like the two above shows, is what it sounds like. Three couples get married the moment they meet.

We all know reality television can be pretty sleazy, but why is the genre reaching new lows? I’m sure it has to do with ratings, but damn. I suppose these shows wouldn’t bother me so much if they weren’t promoted as being helpful. I doubt “Married at First Sight” and “Dating Naked’s” aim is to help couples find real love. And there’s no way that “Sex Box’s” real goal is to help couples have better intimacy. Also: Being naked isn’t that big of a deal! All ladies have the same equipment. All dudes have the same attachments. Yawn. So boring. Let’s move on.

I have an idea for an intelligent, but equally cringe-inducing reality show called, “Breastfeeding in Public.” The shocking premise: Lovely new moms breastfeed in public, as normal, baby-having women do. The television audience watches in horror as some rude passersby tell the mothers they are acting obscene. Next, the rude passersby are swooped into an intervention-like session where an expert tells them to “get a grip — this is real life and it’s beautiful.”

Now THAT’S a reality show I would support.

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