Green Magazines: Top 4 Eco Titles

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Vogue. Elle. Harper’s Bazaar. These are all familiar names in the publishing industry and some of the world’s most popular fashion magazines. All of them have at some point supported, promoted or endorsed eco fashion and beauty products on their glossy pages, but there are a whole set of new  green magazines to hit the shelves, which are dedicated to the cause.

With consumer demand for more conscious consumption, some newer green magazines are catering to the trend for more eco and ethical fashion options and natural and organic beauty. Here are top four eco chic titles.

Coco Eco magazine spread

1. Coco Eco

In keeping with the digital trend (and to save paper!) Coco Eco is an online magazine which supports eco-luxe fashion, beauty, celebrity and culture. Founded in 2008 by native Londoner and now LA-based Anna Griffin, the magazine vows never to sell out and support brands or companies whose ethics don’t align with their own. It attracts a mainly U.S.-based audience, but is gaining international momentum, being read in more than 14 other countries. Since its inception, it has built a reputation on partnering and featuring well known celebrities who support eco living. Some of the better known faces which have graced their pages include Alicia Silverstone, Sting and Josie Maran. It really does live by its slogan Good. Green. Glam.

ELuxe Magazine Logo

2. ELuxe Magazine

Elegant, ethical and ecological. That’s how newcomer ELuxe magazine describes itself, having been founded only a handful of months ago. Based between London and Paris, the online publication is dedicated to showcasing brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. In fact, ELuxe openly advertises the sustainability criteria by which brands are judged. As well as the regular features you would expect from a fashion magazine, like beauty and accessories sections, it also boasts a comprehensive Eco Tech section, looking at issues of transport, gadgets and energy saving tips. It also keeps its finger on the digital (and international!) pulse by regularly profiling eco bloggers from around the world.

Organic Spa Magazine Cover

3. Organic Spa

More for the beauty and wellness buff than the fashionista, Organic Spa is now renowned as the leading national consumer eco lifestyle magazine in America. It describes itself as bridging spa wisdom, wellness, preventative health and modern green and organic living. It aims to provide readers with advice on how to lead a healthier, more sustainable and well balanced life. In addition to being a print magazine, there is also an app, a blog and website from which to soak up sustainable inspiration. Their website even boasts a digital meditation room, with images and music to settle the mind and soothe the soul.

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4. Peppermint

Peppermint Magazine is a smaller, but no less eco friendly publication hailing from Australia’s sunny state of Queensland. It is the leading green fashion and lifestyle magazine down under, celebrating eco and ethical style with a sense of fun. Although it is heavily connected to the emerging Australian market, it also showcases some of the best handmade and eco friendly products from around the world. The magazine includes in-depth features, goes behind the scene of the fashion industry and big fashion events, while also shining a light on important social issues. It has won a number of awards at home, has an up-to-the-minute blog, and is a pioneer of the fashion magazine world in the Asia Pacific.

Images: Coco Eco, Organic Spa, Eluxe, Peppermint