Gwyneth Paltrow Has Something Special for Your Skin [goop by Juice Beauty Review]

Gwyneth Paltrow goop by Juice Beauty

So Gwyneth Paltrow has proven herself a legit health and wellness professional. Her collab with Juice Beauty now has the goop brand extending to skin care. Here’s a look at GP’s new beauty products.

When I heard Gwyneth and Juice Beauty teamed up to create skin care, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Not only is GP hot on the health and wellness front these days, but who doesn’t want to know what she’s using on her skin?

The line includes cleanser, facial oil, moisturizer, night cream, and eye cream. Plus, the product I was most looking forward to sampling, a facial exfoliant. If you follow goop on Instagram you’ve likely seen GP modeling this product, which makes it all the more irresistible.

There are certain aspects of every skin care line that are important, aside from the contents. What do the products smell like? How do they feel? And will they look pretty sitting on my bathroom counter?

The goop products come in nice, generously sized containers (always a plus!), with a modern matte finish. They are lightly scented in a totally good way, and def look pretty enough to sit out. Now for the ultra important part … how they behave.

goop by Juice Beauty Product Line Up


Luminous Melting Cleanser: You know how a cleansing oil or balm is better for removing makeup and the day from you face? This rich balm feels so luxurious going on to skin. I recently read that massaging the face in upward, circular motions helps to keep wrinkles at bay and this is the perfect time to work that into your routine. This cleanser makes skin feel clean, soft, and supple. Comes with a muslin cleansing cloth for easy removal.

Exfoliating Instant Facial

Exfoliating Instant Facial: Definitely the star of the show, this exfoliant works in two ways. It is a creamy mixture with uber tiny granules to slough away dry, dead skin. But this skin smoother also contains fruit acids, plus alpha and hydroxy acids, to really get down to healthy skin and up the ol’ glow factor. I have sensitive skin and only leave this product on for around a minute. I would recommend using this one at night for smooth, radiant skin.

Enriching Facial Oil

Enriching Facial Oil: Always my favorite component in any skin care line, this one does not disappoint. A mixture of yummy plant and seed oils that hydrate, plump, and support the skin. This oil blend gives skin a moisturized feel and healthy glow, but is super light and sinks right into skin. An ideal one-two punch for any facial oil.

Revitalizing Day Moisturizer

Revitalizing Day Moisturizer: A light, non-greasy moisturizer for day designed to hydrate skin, fight wrinkles, and brighten the complexion. I love the softness and supple feel this moisturizer gives to skin, and it truly does seem to make the complexion look brighter.

Replenishing Night Cream

Replenishing Night Cream: Every decent skin care routine needs a good night cream. This one is made with aloe vera and fruit acids to be both gentle and anti-aging. Reduces lines and firms the skin while you sleep.

Perfecting Eye Cream

Perfecting Eye Cream: A puffy soufflé of moisturizing eye cream that hydrates skin without being greasy. This one could be used day and night to keep lines at bay and brighten tired eyes.

goop by Juice Beauty products are made with some certified organic ingredients, ranging from 78%-99%, depending on the product. As for price, yes these babies run toward the higher end as you likely imagined given the celeb creator. Items range from $90-140 per product and you can purchase the Discovery Set of trial sizes for $125.

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