Happy Trails to You: A Family Biking Guide


Whether you’re hopping on a bike to pedal for a good cause, or hoping to unwind with some fresh air and boost your mental health, bicycling is an all around great activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Below I’ve included some handy resources which highlight bike trails and family friendly cycling trips that will send you down happy trails while creating many a picturesque memory. So hop on your bikes and strap on your helmets, and go forth into the great wide open as a family!

Bike Riders Tours offers family biking excursions in worldwide locales from New England to Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Croatia, and many more destinations. Bikes, gear, snacks and juices are provided, and tour guides accompany each group to ensure safety and fun along the way.

We previously reported that Google maps now provides cycling directions in 150 American cities via their online mapping service. Turn everyday outings to the store or park into an entirely new experience for your kids. Perched on a bike, they’ll see their city in an entirely different light than they would from the backseat of a car.

Trails.com features a list of the best road bike trips across the United States, ranking the trails with regard to level of difficulty and offering a five-star rating system in which online members may rank paths and provide firsthand insight regarding their experience with a trail.

If you live in or are traveling to the Wild West this summer, Tucson, AZ boasts an array of biking day trips with the serene desert as a backdrop. These excursions will only apply to early risers, because Tucson temperatures rise to over 100 degrees by mid-day during the summer months – so you may want to wait until fall or winter to pedal these paths!

Bicycling Magazine is a great resource for the best bike rides in America and a selection of America’s top 50 bike-friendly cities. Thorough descriptions of bike trails enable cyclists to plan an accurate, successful excursion.

Santa Barbara is arguably one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities in the world. The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition suggests a list of bike rides throughout the dreamy beach town and surrounding areas that are sure to leave the entire family awestruck and inspired.

Image: eyeliam