Want to Travel For a Good Cause? Hop on a Bike


Bikes and travel: two of my absolute favorite things. What better way to see the world than carbon free? If you’re looking to do some traveling that gives back to the community, bike rides are an excellent way to combine exploring and supporting a cause. Sure, you might need to train a little, but putting in a couple of rides each week has oh-so-many benefits. And you can brag about it to all your friends.

We’ve pulled together a selection of interesting bike rides that take you through some beautiful countryside and promote important issues. Dust off that seat and start training!

Climate Ride

For the last two years, Climate Ride has taken cyclists and climate activists from New York City to Washington D.C., and the event has been so successful that this year they’re adding a California version. The ride brings together all kinds of leaders in climate, renewable energy and environmental causes. Last year the likes of ocean rower Roz Savage and The Lazy Environmentalist Josh Dorfman even hopped aboard. Climate Ride California will take place September 21-25, 2010. Learn more here.

The Great Fashion Cycle 2010

The Environmental Justice Foundation is working to raise awareness about human rights and environmental abuses in the fashion industry, and what better way than cycling between two fashion capitals, London and Paris? The event takes place July 14-18, 2010 and you can learn more about promoting a fairer fashion future two-wheel style by clicking here.

Pedals for Africa

Explore Alaska by bike and support school children in Ethiopia and Malawi. The ride takes place July 17-23, 2010, and if you’re interested, go here to get more info – quick as there are only five spots left!

Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee

A six-day adventure across the state parks of Tennessee raises money for the Cumberland Trail Conference. An excellent way to support state parks and get in a week-long bike ride. The ride takes place September 12-18, 2010.

Bike 2 Bike

Bike 2 Bike gives people the chance to explore the West by bicycle, while at the same time helping out local organizations. The company organizes tours in the Rockies and the Southwest, and encourages riders of all levels to take part. Each ride supports a charitable cause. You can learn more here.

Image: Totomaru

Anna Brones

Anna Brones is a food + travel writer with a love for coffee and bikes. She is the author of The Culinary Cyclist and Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break. Catch her weekly column, Foodie Underground.