Have a Seat in Style with this Eco-Friendly Furniture

Have a Seat in Style with this Eco-Friendly Furniture

Whether you’re looking to redecorate, trying to find that missing piece, or you just enjoy a really good-looking chair, then you’re going to love our eco-friendly furniture selections that will have you sitting your booty down and putting your feet up every chance you get.

1. Bath Chair

Have a Seat in Style with this Eco-Friendly Furniture

This artist prefers her seating to be as squeaky clean as the materials she recycles. Old bathtubs done “disco” style are this quirky designer’s signature chair. Not only does she make good use of discarded household items, but she really gives them a glamorous touch. Shiny mosaic tiles, a streamlined frame, and perhaps one of the coolest seat bases we’ve seen in a long while, this bathtub-turned-chair has really got it going on. If you want to commission one for yourself, contact the artist, Helen Stephenson.

2. Steel Chair

Have a Seat in Style with this Eco-Friendly Furniture

From the popular sustainable and eco-friendly furniture retailer, Bambeco, comes this industrial, stylish, sustainable, and multi-functional steel side chair. The recycled chair is powder-coated so as not to emit any VOCs and can even be recycled at the end of its (hopefully) very long life. Gather these around a sleek, modern table, or one crafted from a rustic slab of wood, for two totally different, but equally successful pairings. Choose a single chair, pop in an accent pillow, and place it next to a funky side table for a nice corner seating area, or pick them in pairs and position them opposite your sofa to complete your conversation zone.

3. Hanging Chair

Have a Seat in Style with this Eco-Friendly Furniture

There’s something so fun and childlike about a hanging chair, and the one pictured here from Uncommon Goods is actually sustainable. Handmade by the endangered Mlabri people in northern Thailand, who were once nearly wiped out in the mid-20th century when the teak forests near their home were cut down for decorative wood, have found a self-sustaining niche through the use of their traditional weaving skills. This funky black and white hammock can be stretched out to seven feet or as a lounge seat, as shown above, with your feet dangling over the side. Hang this on your porch or incorporate it inside to compliment a casual coastal or bohemian inspired theme.

4. Corkigami Chair

Have a Seat in Style with this Eco-Friendly Furniture

The designer that completed this chair has manipulated cork in a striking and stylish way. From conception to fruition, you can actually see the evolution of the Corkigami seat. The designer has left nothing to the imagination, including his preliminary sketches, tiny prototypes, the assembly, and the final construction and product. If you’re interested in snagging one of these sustainable seats for yourself, it seems as though the artist is more than happy to accommodate customers by shipping this product directly to you. For more info, check out Carlos Ortega Design.

5. Grayson Chair

Have a Seat in Style with this Eco-Friendly Furniture

The Grayson chair is a much more traditional looking seat from retailer Crate and Barrel that also happens to be eco-friendly. Crafted in the USA, this cushy chair has a benchmade frame that uses certified sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood, and boasts a soy-based polyfoam and fiber cushioning. We’re really loving the crimson pink fabric and think that it would add the perfect punch to a bedroom, living room, or office.

6. Reclaimed Elm Chair

Have a Seat in Style with this Eco-Friendly Furniture

Rustic yet contemporary, this chair works well for even the modern home thanks to its clean lined design and crisp, white cushions. These chairs are completely handcrafted from salvaged elm and come from trusted sustainable retailer, Viva Terra. Place them side-by-side to create a cool bench effect, or use them singly. Adding fun, colorful cushions with geometric patterns, or something more whimsical and bohemian, would look stunning against the wood and white cushions of these chairs, really helping them pop.

7. Vespa Chair

Have a Seat in Style with this Eco-Friendly Furniture

Artists and designers, Bel and Bel, share more than just the same last name, they also have a passion for design that focuses on the repurposing of old objects into something that’s not just beautiful, but also highly functional. Take their Vespa scooter chair, for example. These vintage pieces have been totally transformed into office style chairs that will allow you to have a little piece of history to admire while you’re getting down to business.

8. Float Onearm Chair

Have a Seat in Style with this Eco-Friendly Furniture

We really like the idea of getting two pieces of furniture in one and with this sustainable seat, you get exactly that. The Float Onearm chair incorporates an integrated end table into its simple, sleek, modern, and functional design. Handmade in the USA for Viesso, the renewable bamboo frame is upholstered in Los Angeles with your choice of fabric and uses a high density natural latex foam that’s Certi-PUR certified. This seat would look great in a contemporary or minimalist studio or even in a commercial office setting. Fortunately, if you like what you see, there’s an entire collection to go along with it.

With all of these beautiful chairs, we hope you’re able to choose from our sustainable selection of eco-friendly furniture and decorating ideas. Although it’s difficult to decide where you’d like to park your derriere next, we hope you’ll share your faves with us on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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