heARTbeat: Nina Boesch’s MetroCard Collages

ColumnFilm, fashion, novels, poems and songs have all sung the praises of the Big Apple. These collages are ballads in the same vein.

Being the singularly iconic city that New York is, she has received love letters in the form of art of every kind. Now German-born and New York-based interaction designer and artist Nina Boesch is adding to the fanfare with a quintessential New York raw material: MetroCards. Boesch has been creating collages for over 10 years, collecting thousands of discarded MetroCards from NYC subway stations and fashioning the four-color collages out of their fragments, initially just for friends and family, and recently for a broader audience with exhibits in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Laguna Beach, California.

Cutting up pieces of the used and expired MetroCards, Boesch uses the front of the cards for color collages (yellow, orange, blue and black), and the back for grayscale collages (black and white).

Art imitates life as Boesch treats us to a New York state of mind with her subject matter. The effect is uniquely New York, and all Boesch’s own as she takes us not only uptown and downtown, but on all our favorite modes of NYC transit, tossing in a cup of coffee for the ride.

Inspired by a post on The Atlantic Cities.

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Dominique Pacheco

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