Here’s Everything You Need to Know About a Broken Penis (You Know, In Case)

Here's Everything You Need to Know About His Broken Penis (You're Welcome)

Okay, so the odds of your guy breaking his penis during sex are slim—but here’s the 411 in case a broken penis sidelines him.

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Not only is it possible for your sig-o to fracture his junk, but doing so is a legit medical emergency that can, in some cases, require surgery. (Sympathy pains, anyone?)

According to the Mayo Clinic, if the penis is suddenly or forcefully bent mid-stiffy, the trauma may rupture the lining of one of the two cylinders in the penis responsible for erections. (Womp, womp.) Consider the cylinder a balloon that fills up with blood and morphs the penis into a boner. If a balloon has a hole in it, it’ll deflate immediately—that’s why after a disturbing cracking sound, he’ll immediately lose his erection du jour and end up with damaged goods.

Before you pass out, take note: Certain sex positions up the odds of a coitus calamity. A 2014 study published in the journal Advances in Urology found that woman-on-top is the most dangerous sex position for his woody.

Researchers found that 50 percent of men who reported a broken penis also reported it happened during sex in which their female partner was on top. Doggy-style and man-on-top positions also made the cut as leading causes of injury at roughly 28 percent and 21 percent, respectively.

While it’s always good to be proactive in keeping your guy’s situation situated, it’s also important not to freak. Keep in mind that in the 13 years this study was conducted, less than 100 dudes came in with injuries.

A broken penis is usually the result of crazy rough sex, but can also happen in random scenarios too, like a dude rushing to get dressed when his penis is still erect or rolling over in bed with an erection. Yikes.

Here’s something that’s kind of funny though (well, not for him): In a small 2011 study of penile fractures, half of them happened during an affair. Although it’s likely due to the fact that cheating usually happens outside the bedroom and inside cars, closets and bathrooms, I’d like to think there’s also a teensy bit of karma thrown in for good measure. I mean seriously, have fun lying your way out of that one. If you think you penis is broken now, you just wait.

All kidding aside, a broken penis is no joke and requires urgent medical attention. It’s not something that can be treated with an ice pack and Tylenol—left untreated, and the fracture may result in deformity or issues with ED. But if treated immediately, he could be back in the saddle in as little as six weeks, depending on the severity of the injury. And word is 90 percent of men have no problems post-fracture, so there’s that (whew).

Has your guy ever had to deal with a broken penis?

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