How the Flower House Made this Abandoned Home Beautiful


Flowers are beautiful in vases, garlands, and in handheld bouquets. But flowers at this location have gone to next-level beauty because they’ve basically taken over the joint.

Lisa Waud, florist, had this awesome idea to buy an abandoned home in Hamtrack, Michigan and fill it with flowers. So, a few months ago, Waud put her idea into action and bought two, next-door abandoned houses. Her goal was to fill the houses with beautiful flower displays to create the “Flower House” for a four-day public exhibit in October (it will be from Oct. 16-18, 2015). Once the exhibit has ended, the project will be taken down and the homes will be turned into a flower design and farm center. All the flowers in each home will be American-grown flowers.

Waud’s awesome plan was sparked by the realization that many Detroit homes are abandoned. She decided to look at the dilapidated homes like resources rather than eye-sores. It was soon after that that she went to a city auction.

Inside the Flower House.

While the Flower House was first slated to be a great project to inspire people to see beauty in unlikely places, it has now turned into a project that’s emphasizing sustainability.

“Lisa wants to inspire others to see abandoned structures as platforms that can be used in an environmentally responsible way,” reports House Beautiful.

To get people in the area psyched about the project, Flower House contributors hosted a preview weekend that featured the first floor of one of the abandoned homes.

For the preview weekend, florists covered the first floor of one of the homes with thousands of flowers for more than 48 hours. According to the House Beautiful, the preview “was intended to show the story of the Flower House in three parts: a house filled with flowers, a deconstruction project partnering with Reclaim Detroit to reuse up to 75 percent of the materials in the structures, and the launch of an urban flower farm for Lisa’s floral design company, pot & box.

Those who plan to attend the main event can look forward to seeing 15 rooms of the other home converted, too.

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