Greening 6 Ways from Fuschia

This bold kitchen is the culmination of vivid color, bohemian flair and pure comfort. Get this vision in fuchsia, a hot color for spring – only get it greener. Here’s a simple six step plan to effortlessly adapt this look (daresay improve this look) using only environmentally friendly products.

1. Slather a dose of Little Greene Mischief water-based paint on your wall. Get the unassuming look of imperfect texture with a single casual application. Paint on this whimsical color, which is bordering dangerously close to the 2011 color of the year, with confidence.

2. Scour local flea markets and architectural salvage yards for large marquee typography or order a Custom Letter from Hindsvik in raw wood grain. Let the letter rest against your freshly painted fuchsia wall for a delicious contrast, or finish it with paint one shade darker than the wall for a subtle accessory (add a few drops of black paint to your leftover Mischief for the perfect color).

3. Gather a few random patterned tiles to lean against your wall and serve as an impromptu backsplash and eclectic design element (another reason to search local flea markets and architectural salvage yards). Beautiful lavastone tiles from Made a Mano are another lovely option – order a range of patterns, colors, and sizes.

4. Dangle a woven pendant light (your choice of teardrop or spherical) to cast dramatic shadows across the room. If you have a high ceiling, hang an elongated pendant low to create an intimate dining area. If your ceilings are low, select a smaller pendant and hang it close to your ceiling to avoid making your space seem smaller. Tucker Robbins has excellent lighting options (like the stunning Votive Shade). If you’re feeling artistic, give this project a try.

5. The Vintage Fir Cross-Beam Table from VivaTerra will provide a strong anchor for the room. Flank the rugged wooden table with light and crisp Wishbone Chairs from VivaTerra to create a balance of bulk and air. Cap each end of the trestle table with the versatile woven Banda Ottoman from Anthropologie.

6. The final step is to bring a warm and inviting texture to the space. If the allure of lambskin is too strong to refuse, choose an option tanned without chemicals (like the sumptuous Black Sheep White Light products). If you’d sleep better at night knowing there is nothing more than organic cotton in your kitchen, toss a Cable-Knit Throw from VivaTerra across each Wishbone Chair to warm the winter chill.

All the glamour and aesthetic of the gorgeous kitchen above with natural and environmentally friendly products? Yes, please.

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(Image spotted on Little Blue Deer.)