How to Not Sweat (or Stink) With Natural Deodorant

How to Not Sweat: 4 Tips to Staying Dry With Natural Deodorant

A healthy lifestyle, clean foods, nontoxic personal care products. These are all high on our list of must haves. Soaking wet pits are not. How to not sweat when making the switch to natural deodorants?

You use organic cosmetics, nontoxic shampoo, natural body lotion. Have yet to make the change to natural deodorant? This is a trouble spot for many.

Personal preference definitely comes into play when choosing deodorant. But there is one thing all of us can agree on. A deodorant must work. In other words, it has to keep you odor-free and as dry as possible.

Yes, natural deodorant is known for allowing swamp pit to happen. Old school natch deods contain no perspiration prohibiting ingredients and allow the body to sweat naturally. This type of deodorant works to control odor that occurs when sweat sits on skin and forms bacteria. And many do a good job of keeping stink at bay.

The selling point of natural deodorants, other than the obvious avoidance of chemical exposure, used to be the sweat factor. That your body is supposed to sweat to eliminate toxins is a fact. But sweat stains are socially unacceptable, not to mention uncomfortable and gross, so this argument fell flat with most consumers.

Here’s the deal: It no longer has to be this way. You can use chemical-free deodorant without making several shirt changes a day. Natural deodorants without perspiration control are so 2000-yuck. Let’s hop into the now and use nontoxic armpit protection that keeps you fresh as a daisy and provides some dampness defense.

Of course, the natural ingredients used to ward off sweat are not as effective as chemical antiperspirants. Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex, the ingredient used in conventional deodorant/antiperspirants to stop sweat, blocks pores and prevents perspiration from coming to the surface of the skin. The ingredient may be good at its job, but what about the health issues?

Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex is a known skin irritant and has potential to cause DNA damage in humans. Studies have also linked the ingredient to Alzheimer’s disease, citing that aluminum may cause the formation of plaques in the human brain contributing to dementia. And the list of harmful effects on the human body due to aluminum goes on.

Aluminum isn’t the only toxin rolling around in mainstream antiperspirants. Petro-chems, parabens, propylene glycol, and synthetic fragrance are the usual nasty suspects found in most of these products.

Disheartened? Hang on. There are several high quality nontoxic deodorants to choose from and measures you can take to make them most effective.

How to Not Sweat: 5 Tips to Staying Dry With Natural Deodorant (Plus Product Picks!)

1 Stay the Course // Not gonna lie, things get worse before they get better once the switch has been made. It’s common to experience some extra wetness when first using an aluminum-free product. Right before a public speaking event or first date are not ideal occasions to try natural for the first time. Have faith. As your body acclimates to your new products, things will get drier.

2 Stock Up // Yes, I said products. Plural. One of the best ways to make sure your deodorant stays effective, rotate amongst a few. Having three or four options in your dry pit arsenal, and alternating them out each week or two, seems to be key in staving off odor and wetness. I am not sure of the science behind this method, but it works.

3 A Chill Diet // Foods hot in temperature obviously warm you up and cause perspiration. Onions, garlic, coffee, and alcohol are also foods said to get sweat stirred up. Go easy on these when you want to stay dry.

4 Dress for Success // Wear light breathable fabrics and clothes that aren’t too tight to prevent underarms from getting damp. Layering also helps to ward off heat waves and sopped pits.

5 Powder Room // A puff of powder helps to absorb wetness and freshen up underarms. Burt’s Bees Dusting Powder is a talc-free option.

Ok, so which products are best? All of the following natural deodorants are free from harmful ingredients. They also contain sweat absorbing ingredients, like cornstarch, bamboo fibers, baking soda, or arrowroot powder.

How to Not Sweat Soapwalla Cream Deodorant

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

How to Not Sweat Schmidts

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

How to Not Sweat Bubble & Bee Pit Putty

Bubble & Bee Organic Pit Putty Cream

How to Not Sweat Blissoma Scentless Stick Deodorant

Blissoma Scentless Stick

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